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Wallester Business 

Wallester Business 
Wallester Business 

Modern business is actively developing, scaling, and transforming. Unlike business, the banking system is also unable to respond flexibly to market changes due to its unwieldiness and obsolescence. Its traditional business expense management solutions are not applicable in today’s realities. Relatively new products are already appearing. But these new products fail to provide companies with turnkey solutions. 

The main problem with the new products is that they are not business-oriented. These are closed ecosystems. It has a limited number of virtual cards and no expense management capabilities. Wallester offers a fundamentally new solution for business expense management. It is an innovative open ecosystem with a wide range of features and capabilities. To learn more about its features, visit https://business.wallester.com/

Features of Wallester Business 

The new solution from Wallester is fundamentally different from others with the following features: 

  • it can generate a payroll or keep track of expenses for your team; 
  • information about all the costs of the company is in one database; 
  • the solution is easy to integrate into the company’s existing system; 
  • it is possible to manage the finances of your business easily and competently; 
  • It is possible to issue an unlimited number of not only virtual but also physical cards. 

It will take you no more than 24 hours from filing an application to onboard and start using platformusing platformthe solution. You need to make only 3 simple steps: 

  1. Enter your company information into the application. 
  1. Attach scanned copies of your registration documents. 
  1. Go through the identity verification procedure. 

After that, you get the mobile and web versions of Wallester Business, as well as a REST API for integrating the application into the system already existing in the company. 

Wallester Business functionality 

On Wallester Business web platform  portal, you can use the following functions: 

  • issue limitless number and virtual cards and order physical cards for your needs 
  • manage cards; 
  • collect and manage receipts; 
  • vView card and cardholder information; 
  • control and record expenses; 
  • use a “smart” sorting system; 
  • track transaction status and descriptions for your team members; 
  • control the validity period of cards and their status; 
  • upload statements in various formats (.pdf, .xls, .csv); 
  • use accounting tools to manage expenses. 

Wallester Business also has a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Mobile Wallets allow you to view the history and details of transactions, order a new card and view the data of existing cards. Through the mobile application as well as in the web version, you can manage expenses and edit the limits of each card. 

Benefits of Wallester Business 

The main advantage of the Wallester solution is that the company can issue virtual Visa Platinum cards to all of its employees. These are premium cards. Their holders receive additional offers and discounts from merchants, as well as a higher level of service in hotels and other establishments around the world. 

The Wallester platform uses REST API for integration with client software or any accounting platform they are using., FaceBook, XERO, TikTok, and other applications. Wallester is a turnkey solution for all types of businesses already working throughout the European Economic Area. The application is used by more than 60 30 companies in 12 countries, with more than 160,000 50,000 active Visa Business cards. To become a partner of Wallester, all you have to do is submit an application.

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