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Metaverse, Data & Web 3.0: Braham Singh, CEO of BDx Data Centers & Author At Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast

Braham Singh, CEO of BDx Data Center, is the new guest on Dinis Guarda’s YouTube Podcast series, in collaboration with openbusinesscouncil.org, citiesabc.com, and fashionabc.org. The two experts talk about the explosion of data in Web 3.0 and in the metaverse, and how data centres can ensure sustainability in the amount of energy consumed to manage this high volume of data.

With more than 30 years of experience in the telecom industry, content delivery networks, and cloud services, Braham Singh is a seasoned executive leader, bestselling author, and global thought leader.

The current CEO of BDx Data Centers, Dinis highlighted Braham Singh’s multicultural and international exposure. After being asked by Dinis, Braham elaborated that during his early years in India, he found his foothold in programming. He, then, moved to Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. He was delighted to share BDx’s recent presence in Indonesia, where the company had established six data centres across the country.

And when the discussion steered to his arc of achievements and projects, the discussion turned into a masterclass in leadership. Braham dispensed some of the principles that are salient for everyone:

“Timing is everything. You need to find the right people and at the right time.” He explained that decisions and choices shape the future trajectory of a person. “I think everyone should be fired at least once. It brings a level of humility and invigorates you. It makes you almost a new person.”, added another point to this lesson.

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Balancing the multifaceted personality

Dinis was interested to know about Braham’s journey through various stages of his life. Commenting about his writer’s side, Braham told Dinis that he always found programming and writing follow parallel behaviour in terms of their structure and style.

“There has to be fanatical attention to detail while having the ability to look at a broader picture. The details of a plot are unforgivable. If the readers catch a mistake, they lose respect for you and the book.”, he emphasised.

The same thing, he said, translates to selling a product. He gives credit for his ability to close a deal properly to writing. “Writing has got huge dividends, and I would urge everyone to write. The ability to speak, convey ideas, and convey them on a paper is far more important than your degree. This is what I’ve learned in 30 years of my professional life,” he said.

Speaking about his idea of leadership, he says that every participant in a team is the driver of success. Hence, metaphorically explaining the importance of every member, he emphasised that it is the synergy that drives a project to success.

“We can’t divorce from any of these roles”, he concludes, highlighting that all these facets of personality go hand in hand and that one needs to make a choice to strike a balance between them.

Data centres in the metaverse and Web 3.0 era

The conversation, then, took a futuristic turn to discuss the state of data centres in the metaverse and Web 3.0. Both the experts agreed that the metaverse is a paradigm shift from URLs.

“When a technology explodes, you can’t control it. Internet…. Could anyone control it? But by and large, technology like the internet, nobody could control it. For a long time, before the internet became a video playground, almost 60% of the internet was pornography. Could anyone control it? If someone is thinking that the metaverse can be controlled, you’re kidding yourself. All you can do is scale, get yourself ready to scale with it,” Braham said.

Speaking about the problem that arises with the mushrooming of metaverses and the Web 3.0 space, he added:

“Where are we going to build? You are going to need a heck lot of data centres, far beyond what we are doing. It is not possible with the current technologies that govern power generation. It all burns down to power- powering those data centres is going to become so critical when the metaverse kicks in. You don’t have the power today, it’s just not there.”

Dinis, then, highlighted the ESG concerns like climate change and unsustainable power consumption. Speaking about carbon trading, Braham replied:

“We need to bring some credibility back into the carbon trade. The people who are connected through blockchain are working on it. We can’t do much about it until the human element is addressed.” 

Taking a reference from their modus operandi to address problems, he added that all the pain points need to be digitalised to find a sustainable solution.

As the interview drew to a conclusion, both Dinis and Braham had so many lessons to take home and learn from each other.

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