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The Three-Step Delegation Process

The Three-Step Delegation Process
The Three-Step Delegation Process

When you started your business, every task fell on your shoulders. Everything from fixing your computer to updating your social media relied on you. And, there’s every chance you worked yourself in the ground in attempts to achieve it.

But, as your company grows, you’ll find that isn’t a possibility anymore. The workload will become too much, and trying to keep up alone will lead to falling behind. That’s obviously not what you want when you’re first interacting with customers. After all, one setback could be enough to turn them away from your enterprise for good.

So, you take on staff to keep on top. Congratulations on expanding your efforts. There’s just one issue; you’re still trying to tackle the majority of the work yourself. This is a common problem which few entrepreneurs speak about. Your business is your baby, and it can be challenging to entrust that to someone else. But, overworking this will damage your health and your efforts. Not to mention the fact you’ll waste money on staff who don’t do much for you.

Instead, ensure you use the team you have. Part of getting this right is about learning how to delegate your workload. This is no easy task, but we’ve got a three-step process which could help you get into the habit.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks

Before you stand any chance at delegating, you need to know which tasks you’re dealing with. But, if you approach this issue as a whole, it can seem overwhelming. So, start by considering the daily tasks your team shouldn’t need to worry about. Computer repair, for instance, will only set you all back. So, turn to outsourced IT Support and tick that task off the list. When your workload really increases, you may even want to approach things like marketing and web support in this manner. Then, you can free yourself and your staff for the necessary jobs.

Highlight jobs only you can do

Now the task list is more manageable, highlight the jobs only you can do. For the most part, these will consist of things like meetings with major clients or investors. It’ll also be down to you to manage things like new supplier deals and delivery days. And, of course, it’s your task to oversee the workplace.

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Share the rest

Now you’ve cleared the list, share the rest of the jobs. Delegate tasks in ways which boost productivity and allow adequate time for each job. To make it even easier to let go, consider which tasks suit which staff members. This may take some time to start, but you’ll be able to do this without thinking after a while. It may be that Pete is best with social media campaigns, while Helen is your go-to for product development. If it helps, use different colors of highlighter for each team member to let them, and you, know who’s taking care of what. Then, you can rest easy and focus on the tasks with your color next to them.

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