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Simple Steps to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing, happiness, fulfillment. Call it what you like, our workforce is only productive when they feel valued.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. It’s essential that we look after our employees, make them feel valued and fulfilled in their roles. Of course, no two people are the same, implementing strategies that work for one person might not suit the whole workforce. So how do you ensure that all of your employees arrive to work and leave at the end of the day in a good mood? It’s a question that there is much debate over, but there are some simple tips that will help you to see results.

What Really Gets Done on a Friday Afternoon?

Whilst you can’t be responsible for how your employees spend their free time, you can introduce new opportunities to socialize within work hours. It’s no secret that by 3pm on a Friday afternoon there’s very little work getting done. Instead of letting this frustrate you, why not call everyone off work early and invest a little time in team building?

A poker tournament could be a great way to bring a small team closer together and could even have mental benefits. Research has shown that learning a new skill such as poker can create new neural pathways. These pathways are useful not just in the Friday afternoon poker tournament, but also in all stages of mental processing. If your tournament takes off then you could see improvements in decision making, lateral thinking, and team morale — a small price to pay for two hours of largely unproductive work time.

Valuing the Individual as Well as the Team

Whilst team building is essential for any company with more than one person in the workforce, it’s important to remember that strong individuals will make a better team. Focusing on the team above all else could lead to some employees feeling a little lost, or even underappreciated. The best way to avoid this is by making several small changes that make each employee feel important.

There are many companies that are taking the initiative of giving each employee a day off on their birthday. It sounds almost silly, but that one day off will make a great difference to them, and very little difference to your bottom line. It’s a step up from bringing in your own cake for the coffee room, in terms of logistics, but a great step in terms of personal enjoyment.

Setting Goals to Achieve Employee Fulfilment

Creating a plan for each member of staff is a clear way for you to understand them and for them to reach their own goals.

One of the biggest personal boosts that one can receive is to achieve a goal. At some points in our careers, it can be difficult to see the next step clearly. Working with your employees to identify where they’d like to go and how they can best get there will not only be helpful for them, but also a valuable insight for you. Set tangible goals that will see them moving towards where they want to be.

Some employees will enter into a position with the hopes of improving their skillset and ‘moving sideways’ in the company, to a role that is a similar paygrade but more enjoyable for them. Other employees are exactly where they need to be, but have dreams of spending a little more time with the family, or climbing a little higher up the ladder. Sure, these kinds of insights can usually be gleaned with time, but a monthly one to one session will shed light on them far more quickly and honestly.

Remember That Everyone is an Individual

We spend so much time directing employees to improve our relationship with customers, that sometimes we forget to improve our relationship with employees. All of these ideas provide ways for you to get to know your workforce. If you think back over your career, most of the time the jobs you enjoyed the most were the ones where your hard work was recognized. Bosses that rarely leave their office tend not to be remembered fondly.

Take every opportunity to build friendships with your employees. They are the ones that get to see your business from the bottom up, so their experience and opinions are valuable to you and should be treated as such.


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