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Resources to Automate Administrative Functions

Automation is an invaluable tool for modern businesses, empowering organizations across a multitude of industries.

While most think of automation in the context of robotics, the biggest improvements are being achieved with the help of software solutions in an administrative capacity.

Here is a look at the different resources which are available to assist with automating all sorts of admin duties, allowing you to pick the right solutions for your company.

Resources to Automate Administrative Functions

Database management

Databases are the backbone of lots of businesses, and a raft of important administrative tasks can be streamlined with the help of the latest monitoring and management tools.

Everything from performance tracking and security to SQL server integration service functionality and query analysis can be handled by contemporary packages, making life easier for database admins in every sector.

As with other forms of automation, the goal here is not to replace human staff outright, but rather to empower them with the software that will boost their productivity and effectiveness immediately. Services from brands including Oracle, Solarwinds, Dynatrace and many more are worth exploring.

Email marketing

Another area in which automation is a real boon is email marketing, as this was previously an admin-intensive task that could weigh down smaller organizations in particular.

Now, with software to automate the process of composing emails for prospective customers, following up on leads and winning back people who have made purchases previously, even compact marketing teams can handle the needs of fast-growing brands.

Providers like HubSpot, MailChimp and SendinBlue are all well-respected and critically successful in this sphere, although obviously you should take the time to compare pricing and package options to pick the service that suits your business.


Managing customer relationships is about more than just email marketing, but encompasses a suite of tools and technologies to ensure that it is simpler to snare and retain customers over time.

Once again there are a diverse array of solutions competing for your attention in this space. If interoperability is your thing, SalesForce and ZenDesk might be at the top of the list. They also deliver decent AI-powered automation to go along with the core capabilities.


Automating payroll admin is another move which makes a lot of sense for small businesses, although larger corporations can still stand to benefit from the efficiencies this affords them.

From calculating net and gross pay while factoring in deductibles, to completing tax returns and ensuring contractor invoices are paid on time, the top payroll solutions take the hassle out of all sorts of everyday tasks.

In terms of the top rated and regarded solutions in this niche, names like QuickBooks, Gusto and ADP are rightly regarded as the most reliable mainstream options.

Project Management

Helming business projects is a tricky business, as there are a lot of moving parts to track and a lot of flesh-and-blood contributors to keep on an even keel throughout.

Automation has even permeated this type of tool, with software able to track progress, provide alerts as deadlines loom, enable smooth collaboration between colleagues even when working remotely, and much more besides.

Vendors like Teamwork and Zoho have suitable solutions in this space, and the best thing to look out for is ample customizability. The more you can adapt your project management to the needs of your team, the better equipped you will be to see that it is completed on time.

Wrapping up

There are other types of administrative functions that can be catalyzed through automation, but these main banks of talking-points should be on the radar of all businesses, whether they are start-ups or multinationals.

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