UnLtd is the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the UK and offers the largest such network in the world. UnLtd resources hundreds of individuals each year through its core Awards programme. UnLtd operates a unique model by investing directly in individuals and offering a complete package of resources; from Awards of funding to ongoing advice, networking and practical support.

    Mission And Vision

    Operating on an awards based programme, UnLtd is able to invest directly in individuals, offering comprehensive packages of resources which include funding, advice, networking and also practical support. UnLtd explains that it aims to help those leading social organisations in the UK, of which it argues that research shows there are 1.7 million.

    UnLtd believes that during the period of austerity that we currently face in the UK, social entrepreneurs are needed more than ever before. Given this mindset, the organisation has created a five-year strategy with the goal of bringing people together and giving them the confidence to act. In particular, the focus of the organisation is on disadvantaged areas and working towards building lasting change, through delivering major impact.

    For organisations that have an idea to create social change and are passionate about getting started, there are “Do It” Awards available. However, these are limited and very competitive. Some may want to grow ventures that are already doing well and have been doing so for more than a year. In this case a “Built It” Award may be an option, though there are only 18 such awards available per year. These awards offer cash for living expenses as well as one to one support. The third type of award offered is “Fast Growth”. This type of award provides cash for living expenses and business support and is available for those organisations that are already early-stage social ventures that can achieve rapid growth.


    There are various forms of assistance for younger people to get involved in social entrepreneurship. One such programme is for those that are aged between 11 to 21. This programme is for those youngsters that have an idea that can help in the community and do good but who need support to get it underway. There is also the “Social Switch on (NCS) Awards”. These Awards are for people that are aged 16 to 20 years old and who graduated from NCS or will do in the upcoming summer. These awards are for those in England. They provide assistance to young people who want to know how their social action idea may also make money for them. Those who are at university are not left out, and people who are currently students, recent graduates or even members of university staff that have an idea that they want to try out, do full time or build-up can find assistance as well.


    UnLtd also develops partnerships to develop its goals. As it puts it:

    “Partnerships are key to our strategy and hugely important to us. We work with several types of partners to create different types of impact.”

    There are various different kinds of partners that the organisation works with. One is funders that have funds that they wish to give to social entrepreneurs. Another is research and collaborations in this area. The organisation also looks for mentors that may be able to help social entrepreneurs to get off the ground by sharing their specialist knowledge. Those within communities that can help social entrepreneurs on the delivery side are also helpful partners for the organisation. UnLtd works with partnerships in a collaborative manner, to connect social entrepreneurs to business professionals and to provide reach to areas of society that it cannot reach on its own.

    Partners are expected to be proactive people that are eager to learn but also to share their learning. They are keen to support or fund social entrepreneurs in some way. With this extensive range of support for social entrepreneurs of all ages and types, it is not surprising that UnLtd considers itself to be one of the most important sources of support for social entrepreneurs in the UK.


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