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    Euromed Management realises that a constantly changing business environment means businesses and corporations must demonstrate competitive strengths towards initiative and innovation in the newly emerging global economy.  The business school is an acknowledged leader in diversity and has a commitment to the sustainable development and personalized approach to every student’s academic progress.  Euromed hosts 800 students each year and enables them to acquire many skills in and outside of the field of management. Euromed Management’s academic design allows students to identify personal strengths and weaknesses while accompanying them in the creation of a professional project.  The business school uses technological tools and personalisation of students’ academic education to create a pedagogy of self-fullfilment and the development of business knowledge. Students will attend work shops and use educational tools to help develop their “sense of self” and fully understand what they want to acquire in the careers.

    The PerformanSe Test allows students to evaluate their behavior in a professional context to identify the activities in which their performance is best optimised.  The Pro-Act Employment Road Book is a 360 degree self-evaluation that allows students to monitor themselves and their peers and how they perform in specific activities such as internships and apprenticeships.


    The Kedge Global MBA Program is offered through Euromed Management’s Kedge Business School.  The program can range from 14 months to four years and has a flexible path that offers participants the choice of the best format suited to their personal situation.  Courses occur once a month on Thursday, Friday and Saturday The curriculum is built around five key points:

    1. Leadership skills:  Students develop character facets in managerial techniques and behaviours that generate commitment, motivation and leadership skills that create strategic changes within the organisation. 
    2. Management of projects:  Students will lead a business development project with other faculty members to practice using their newly learned techniques and tools.
    3. Development of a global geo-strategic vision:  Seminars are structure to include themed and introductory courses, cross-cultural negotiation trainings and company visits in the US, India, Brazil, Morocco, China, or United Arab Emirates.
    4. Reinforcement of management knowledge through 18 core courses in:
      • Accounting for Decision MakingManagerial Economics
      • Organisational Behaviour
      • Geostrategy & Geoeconomics
      • Managerial Finance
      • Marketing Management
      • Branding Strategies
      • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
      • Social Responsibility & Ethics in Business
      • Operations & Supply Chain management
      • Negotiation Skills
      • Corporate Strategy in Complexity
      • Project Management
      • Leadership
      • Quantitative Methods for Business
      • Complexity
      • Change Management
      • Information Systems Strategy
    5. Focus on specialisation:  Participants can pursue any major in the four different locations they are offered, which are Marseille, Paris, Shanghai, and Bordeaux.

    The MBA program is composed of 480 hours of course work and 260 hours of workshops, seminars and coaching.  Below is a diagram of the course calendar, provided by Kedge Business School.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 1.05.56 AM

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    Euromed Management Domaine de Luminy BP 921 13288 Marseille Cédex 09 France

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