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How The Top Social Media Advertising Platforms Fared And Evolved in 2019

How The Top Social Media Advertising Platforms Fared And Evolved in 2019
How The Top Social Media Advertising Platforms Fared And Evolved in 2019

The development of social media is inherently linked with advertising, and now that billions of people are online every day on social media, a huge amount of advertising happens over social media rather than anywhere else, allowing businesses to reach the best possible audience for their product. 

Getting involved in this world for the first time can feel daunting, especially if you are worried about pouring money into a platform only to discover that it has changed its advertising policy and the money and time you put into advertising have been wasted, achieving only low results. Read on for our anatomy of the current state of the top social media platforms.


The continued success of Facebook as a social media platform should come as no surprise. Facebook was the original social media platform, with over 2.4 billion users now using it as part of their day to day lives, and pioneered the business model of a free social media paid for by adverts In general. Facebook has proven less popular with the most recent youth cohorts, who have looked instead to Instagram and elsewhere. 

However, for a large demographic who grew up with Facebook, the platform has become part of the infrastructure by which they interact with the world, and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. It is therefore a good place to bring a huge majority of products, especially those aimed at parents, as the main body of Facebook’s users are now adults and the average age of users, at least in the UK, is only likely to rise. 

Facebook has not moved from peak position among social media advertising platforms in the UK and their advertising service is still an excellent choice – as long as you have an appropriate advertising budget. Buying facebook likes from the trusted company will surely boost your followers, as mentioned by EarthWeb.

Facebook Messenger

As part of the Facebook family of services, the Facebook Messenger App also has access to Facebook’s databanks, meaning adverts will be shown only to the people most likely to respond to them, thereby increasing your chance of a high uptake.

Adverts are now included in the list with messages, meaning that for Messenger it is best to tailor your content to look like invitations or offers. Trying to create questions and interest without sounding “spammy” is essential here. To get the right balance it can be well worth working with a company that offers Digital Marketing Services, to make sure you put your best foot forward and don’t make any expensive mistakes.


Instagram is very close behind Facebook as a platform with huge appeal, especially among current students and younger people. If you are looking to engage a younger audience, advertising over Instagram can be an excellent way to build awareness.

A huge advantage of Instagram is that it is also possible, if it would benefit your product, to work with an influencer who has an open line to the attention of thousands of young people and can promote your product to them directly.


Snapchat attained a fast peak in popularity within years of launching in 2011, but has seen setbacks in recent years as a new configuration has led to a tail-off in core user interest. It has struggled to gather the attention of newer generations of social media users, who have become more likely to use Instagram. For some products it will be worth advertising over Snapchat, but it will depend strongly on your target market.

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