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Have You Ever Heard About Pugachev Concierge Service?

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Have you ever heard about Pugachev Concierge Service?

If you are going abroad and have a desire to spend time there with an outstanding level of comfort, then you are surely to know more about Pugachev Concierge Service. Being founded in 2014, the company has been providing own clients with any attributes of the wealthy and joyful life. One can rent and choose from:

  • Villas
  • Yachts
  • Private jets
  • Exotic cars and many others.

The organization generally is used to working with popular and rich people. Both American and Russian celebrities, like Philip Kirkorov and Mia Khalifa together with dozens of successful businessmen, bloggers, politicians have already evaluated the quality of service. 

Moreover, if one has a wish to keep their privacy, it isn’t a problem. 98% of the company’s segment is focused on VIP persons so Pugachev Concierge Service guarantees that any task will be completed at the highest level and is ready for most serious requirements.

What is the secret of prosperity?

According to statistics, 9 out of 10 clients are satisfied with the results of collaboration. The market contains many competitive companies, but people continue to favour Pugachev Concierge Service.

Despite fascinating performance, the company is also famous for its mobile application. This sort of app allows you to book any item in one place. Accommodation, automobiles, water transport and other means of a splendid life are available in the only program, so there is no need to alternate between various apps. 

The opportunities of the organization are not limited to one country. The company has over 450 partners and helps its clients all over the world. If you want to reserve something, just press the corresponding button in the mobile app and in 5-10 minutes the operator will make contact with you.

Some facts about the owner

Behind a successful project always stands a successful founder. Pugachev Concierge Service is named in honor of Mark Pugachev, a common Russian man from a military family who got to make himself a prosperous businessman. 

This entrepreneur is a kind of person on everyone’s lips, motivating hundreds of thousands of people to accomplish goals and change their lifestyle. He started his career as a programmer in 2007. Due to natural curiosity, initiative and lateral thinking, Mark went the way from a hired worker to the employer and opened first personal restaurant PUGACHEV in Moscow in 2014.

Nevertheless, it was only the beginning and the same year young businessman moved to fascinating Miami. There he fulfilled his dream to create a company, specialized for supplying the rich with attributes of luxury, called Pugachev Concierge Service. After this, the list of Mark’s organizations began only to extend and was supplemented by:

  • Fashion magazine GQ Miami
  • Personal investment fund
  • Promotion service MyProInsta and many others.

Today Mark is an experienced businessman, public figure and philanthropist, encouraging others to turn their dreams into reality.

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