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Dan Holzmann is Leaving Juice Plus

Dan Holzmann is Leaving Juice Plus
Dan Holzmann is Leaving Juice Plus

After two and a half decades, Dan Holzmann has made a name for himself in the health industry with his company Juice Plus. Extracting the best of nature, Holzmann’s products are a household name in 27 countries spread out over 4 continents. Promising the best of nature, one capsule of Juice Plus contains extracts and grains of 30 vegetables and fruits, supplementing consumers’ daily vitamin and mineral intake.

An exemplary entrepreneur, Holzmann began Juice Plus with just four more employees out of a small Swiss mail-house and began direct-delivery services. Today, the empire is spread out into various markets and has a large online customer base and a loyal following with over 500 employees and 200,000 partners associated with it. Since Holzmann became CEO and President in 2012, Juice Plus has also carved a niche for itself in the era of fitness.

Juice Plus manufactures vegetable mix, fruit mix, omega mix and berry-mix capsules and chewables. The company also manufactures snack bars and powdered shake mixes, making it a versatile range of products that encourage healthier living. The products can be used by various age groups and are reported to improve blood circulation, promote cardiac health, and rid the body of toxins.

Dan Holzmann Is Leaving Juice Plus:

After two and a half decades, in a sentimental Facebook post in October 2018, Holzmann bid farewell to Juice Plus and its board, and to its loyal following. He posted another follow-up post thanking his customers for their love and loyalty, and it was very evident how many lives he had touched through his journey at Juice Plus.

As an individual striving to do better and novel things, he wishes to move on to more personal ventures like family and his own self. He stated that he wishes to spend the next 25 years doing something personally fulfilling and raising his children into well grounded community members. He also wishes to let go of the structural life of the corporate world and focus on a more relaxed way of living.

He also detailed his dedication to Juice Plus and reiterated the common goal of better health for all. He left constructive advice for future entrepreneurs and those in the company, to organize a great team built on foundations of trust and strength, and added reminders to those he is leaving behind to continue serving the best to their customers and maintain the legacy that Juice Plus is set on creating.

His employees have praised him to be a humble man who is disciplined and gracious, and always ready to listen. As a very competent CEO, he took the company to newer heights and created an exemplary employee-employer relationship standard for other leaders to learn from.

Always encouraging innovation and ways to better his current standing, he also leaves behind an extensive research Institute, based on the principles of the 4 Cs: conducting research on natural products, collecting evidence, collaborating with other scientific bodies to further embellish the findings, and communicating to the general public the benefits we can reap from natural resources. The company’s findings have always been generously shared with the general public and academic bodies, and were also printed in various prestigious journals and magazines.

Life After Juice Plus:

In addition to being devoted to his family and being an excellent business man, Holzmann has expressed liking for a happy life. He claims to follow a great routine of exercise and healthy diet, coupled with great social interactions which he stresses is key. He claims that such interactions, with family and friends, are what keep him happy and he always tried his best to make time for them because integrating with them made him feel happier and healthier.

As an advocate of positivity and happiness, he also imparted to his fans to stay positive and keep powering through their ventures, because Juice Plus was a result of various trials and errors Holzmann faced before succeeding.

During his time at Juice Plus, Holzmann expressed interest in other circles of the business sphere, like tennis, research and health. He sponsored the tennis player Ana Ivanovich at the start of her career, and also funds research into children’s health by sponsoring hospitals, charities and scientific bodies to excavate new solutions to various health issues and hunger issues.

We hope to see Holzmann continue his services in the social and sport world.

The impact he made seems to have a lasting effect. A survey recorded in Germany revealed that quite a few individuals are working towards a healthier life, and Germany is one of the countries his product has been launched in. His departure also evoked sorrow across various social media circles and we can see what an inspiration he has been.

For a person as capable and humble as Dan Holzmann, we can only hope that his legacy is honored and that Juice Plus maintains its services to the standards that were set. Holzmann’s career as a businessman is also yet to be fully explored – he is an inspiring individual with much to impart to future generations about the power of perseverance, hard work and dedication.

Holzmann’s belief in his cause and dedication to it is what will make the health industry miss him the most. He felt passionately about the products he produced and practiced what he preached. He had intelligence, skill and resources, but most of all, he used compassion, commitment and responsibility to rise to where he was.

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