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3 Reasons Why Fundraising and Donations are More Important Than Ever for Nonprofit Organizations

Why Fundraising and Donations Are More Important Than Ever for Non-profit Organizations

The Coronavirus had a serious detrimental impact on the operations of non-profit organizations across the USA and the entire globe. Many charities have recently experienced an increase in demand for their services from more people finding themselves in difficult precarious situations. However, at the same time, during the pandemic there was a significant decrease in the funding charities could access. The impact of Coronavirus caused 75% of non-profit organizations to have to make cuts to their budget.

We have come up with some reasons why non-profits today are in need of donations from the public to support them more than ever before.

Funding Was Seriously Affected During the Pandemic

Coronavirus and the lockdowns were a difficult period for us all. The economy across the globe came to a sudden and unanticipated halt, and many people were put on furlough, forced to work remotely from home, or made redundant. Coronavirus had a big impact on the finances of individuals and families right across the country. Poverty levels in the USA soared as a result of the pandemic, and unfortunately 57.3% of households earning less than $35,000 a year experienced income or employment loss.

Logically, when people have less money in their pocket, their capacity to be able to give their spare money to non-profits is severely affected, as they have to make sure they can pay to cover their own bills, rent, mortgage, car, healthcare costs, and so on.

Most Fundraising Events Can Now Take Place

Since April 2021, most states have lifted stay-at-home orders and interstate travel restrictions. In virtually every state, you are now able to go to shopping malls, eat and drink in restaurants and bars, socialize in public spaces, go into the office, and so on. And guess what? The lifting of the lockdown restrictions means you are now able to go out and do fundraising activities for non-profits. So, get out there and raise money for a worthy cause.

You can get creative with your fundraising effort ideas too. Whether you decide to run a long distance and sweat loads in a fun fancy-dress costume, host a laughter filled trivia night, or put on a themed gala night where guests can be inventive and show off their best attire, it’s great to help non-profits out by hosting events to fundraise lots of money for them again. Looking to use a fundraising platform with no hidden fees that will make it easy for your supporters to donate money for your charity events? Then you may want to take a look at Givebutter and its people-centric online fundraising platform.

They Depend on Donations and Fundraising Efforts from Volunteers to Carry Out Their Work

Non-profit organizations rely a great deal on fundraising activities by volunteers, federal grants, monthly donations, and funding contributions from philanthropists to function properly as an organization, and to help out their beneficiaries and those who really need their support the most.

Without people’s generosity and their sense of humanity through kind heartfelt donations, a lot of non-profit organizations would simply not be able to provide valuable support for their cause or even be capable of surviving in 2021. Charities need money and donations to pay their salaried employees, cover expenses and running costs, and most importantly to support their cause and make a real difference.


How Non-profits Differ from For-profit Businesses

There are various ways that non-profit organizations differ significantly in how they operate from for-profit money-making private sector businesses.

One key way that non-profit organizations are different is that the beneficiaries of their services are not customers. For example, in a Children’s Cancer charity, children living with cancer and receiving a non-profit’s help and support are not their ‘customers’.  Whereas for-profit businesses create value for a customer, and gaining new customers provides them with an important source of revenue. Non-profits therefore have to be creative and work hard to come up with ways that they can generate money and continue with their vital charitable work.

There’s also the ethical element as the purpose of charities is that they are there to provide support for charitable causes. Non-profit organizations may be set up for a variety of reasons such as preserving a landscape, protecting wildlife, or supporting vulnerable people and those living with serious medical conditions and providing help to the loved ones supporting them. The goals and missions of non-profit charitable organizations and for-profit businesses are quite different.

So, show your humane side and go and support a worthy cause because non-profit organizations need your generous donations now more than ever in order to enable them to recover and bounce back from the impact the pandemic has had on their finances. The world is much better off thanks to all the support provided by non-profit organizations and their tireless efforts.







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