Can the Seahawks stop the Patriots ?

The Seahawks have an opportunity to become the first back-to-back champions in a decade but to do so, they’ll have to stop the last team to achieve that feat: the New England Patriots.

The Patriots will be heading into Super Bowl XLIX with two main weapons – a red-hot offence and a suffocating defence.

To achieve back-to-back Super Bowls Seattle must address three key areas; –

1.  Don’t make stupid mistakes

It might be obvious to all of us but head coaches preach the importance of playing a mistake-free football. Momentum can be killed and advantage handed to the opposition by flags, false starts, off-sides, illegal moves and turn-overs. The Seahawks have consistently ranked highly in turnover margins which is one of the reasons they’ve emerged as an NFL heavyweight – eliminating mistakes is crucial to their chances of success.

2. Challenge the scrummage line aggressively

Anyone watching the Patriots’ completely dismantle the Colts saw how easily Brady and pals picked apart the defence that refused to challenge receivers. The three-time Super Bowl winner is a superb passer, adept at delivering accurate throws to receivers at short and intermediate range; his impeccable timing makes him nearly impossible to defend against especially when given the opportunity (and time) to throw the ball to his receivers.  Seattle must close down Brady’s channels.

3. Stay alert to quirky formations

The Patriots’ offensive approach is designed to test the mental awareness and football intelligence of the defensive line. The Patriot’s coaching staff use a variety of formations to determine whether they are playing against a man or zone coverage. They are skilled at using unbalanced lines and exotic formations to test, understand and counter the opposition’s understanding of eligibility rules on the perimeter.


Given two weeks to prepare for the Patriots’ innovative tactics, passing game and aggression, the Seahawks must be on the stay alert during the game for all kinds of tricks if they want to remain AFC champions. Can they do it ? I guess we will find out together.