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Why Is It Essential To Read The Pay Stub?

It seems silly if you read somewhere that reading a pay stub is essential. But in actuality it is vital for so many good reasons. We know that payday is one of the most exciting days in the whole organization. In starting, employees take the pay stub seriously and read it after receiving the paper. But gradually, it becomes a matter of time, and employees start ignoring it. It is a great mistake that kills startups and  that most of the employees make. In this way, they miss important information about their pay. So, in this writing, we will state how important it is to read to pay stub.

If your organization doesn’t provide you a pay stub in physical form, it is still vital to read it every month. In this scenario, you can get online access to the pay stub. The IRS started a campaign where they urged employees and taxpayers to:

“Read the pay stub and make sure that they are getting the right amount of their pay.”

In simple words, it is a good and critical practice that you should adopt. In California, if an employer doesn’t provide the document or it doesn’t meet the above requirements, then there are penalties. Moreover, here are the following reasons that are backing up this decision.

pay stub

Know about your taxes and withholdings:

It is vital to ensure that all information on the pay stub is proper and accurate. Thus, right after seeing the pay stub see the following things:

  • Social security number
  • Pay rates
  • And paid time off balance

Suppose that if you identify that social security is incorrect, then your state and federal tax filing will be wrong. There are chances that your withholdings can go into the other person’s account. So, avoid getting surprised at the tax filing time and keep an eye on the tax withholdings through social security numbers.

Let you know about total working hours:

If you want to know the total hours you worked, don’t forget to read the pay stub. If you get a salary, then make sure the pay stub has the correct working hours. On the other hand, if you work on an hourly basis, track the hours and compare the information with the record. However, all of this effort helps to see a clear picture of total working hours. Thus, if there is a fault in history, then you can correct it.

Paid time off:

Every organization gives some paid time off to the employees. So, if you are taking off days, ensure they are correctly mentioned on the pay stub. So, it is vital to read the paycheck whether the record matches with your pay or not. But if you don’t do this practice, then you have to sacrifice in terms of revenue.

Deduction of the benefits:

Like paid time off, there are many other benefits that companies offer to the employees. But they charge some percentage from your salary for these benefits. So, by reading the pay stub, you can ensure whether they are cutting the right amount or not. For instance, the amount could be in the account of health, dental, or spouse coverage plans. Thus, it is vital to ensure you are paying right. Here are the following primary information sections that you can see on the pay stub.

Gross wages Total working hours All deductions
Net wages Dates on which you worked Social security, ID number
Address and name of employer Hourly wages Whether the job is permanent or temporary

Helps in budgeting:

It is the best reason that promotes the pay stub reading. By reading the pay stub, you know about the facilities you are getting for free. On the other hand, you get to know the total amount after tax deductions. However, later all of these things help in personal budgeting. Above all, you get an idea of the amount you will be able to save at the end of the year.

Helps if you have more than one job:

Many people have more than one job. In this condition, it could be a little challenging to keep track of total working hours. But after reading the pay stub, you get an idea of the total hours for which you are working on different jobs. In simple words, this document works as a record to keep the history of full pay and taxes based on their aggregate income.

Final verdict:

Without any doubt pay stub is a helpful document to get an insight into your job. Due to this, you can verify the taxes, withholdings, and total working hours without any issue and hassle. So, it’s a safe document that helps you to avoid underpayment and other related problems properly.

Hernaldo Turrillo
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