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What to Look for When Choosing Personal Protective Equipment

PPE gives employers and their employees the confidence to safely return to the workplace in a state of international uncertainty. Different workplaces require different levels of PPE, but there are basic standards that all PPE should meet to protect those using them thoroughly.

Assess your workplace

Before welcoming back your employees, adapt your workplace so those regularly entering your premise can maintain at least two meters between one another. In areas where queueing or gathering can take place, consider marking out two meters for ease of controlling social distancing and protecting your employees and customers.

Secondly, consider the risks when deciding the levels of PPE needed; at a basic level, hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, and face coverings can thoroughly protect those on your premise. However, if there are instances of working closer together, aprons and unigloves can provide added protection.


All PPE will add some degree of protection to those using it. But purchasing good quality PPE will protect your employees at the maximum availability. Quality PPE is worth spending more money on, so be aware of cheap PPE as the quality will not be at a good enough standard to protect those using it thoroughly and, in a worst case scenario, could contaminate and further spread COVID-19. If you’re looking for items that are still affordable without having to compromise on the price, take a look at Brooklyn Equipment’s products. They offer items in bulk which is extremely useful for businesses who have a large workforce.

All employees have the right to access the correct PPE, and employers could face legal action should it not be in place. When purchasing your PPE, consider buying protective gear, which is comfortable to wear as this will lead to more compliance from your workers.

Some fundamental basics to remember are that hand sanitizer that thoroughly kills germs must have an alcohol level of 70%. Additionally, facemasks should cover the nose as well as the mouth, and plastic aprons are single-use. Otherwise, they can spread further contamination.

Thorough training

When you have chosen your appropriate PPE, you need to make sure it is going to be worn correctly and therefore protect your employees and customers thoroughly. Prior to returning to work, conduct thorough training sessions to teach your employees how to wear their PPE.

In addition, you could post reminders of how to wear the PPE around your workplace and supply your employees with instruction manuals. These extra measures will ensure compliance for longer after your initial training. Prepare your employees for changes around the workplace, such as two meter social distancing or staggered breaks to reduce group gatherings.

High quality PPE is just the basis of thoroughly protecting your employees. Once it has been distributed and the correct training has been given, consider extra measures at your workplace, such as working from home or reduced contact by partnering workers together, as well as screens or barriers to further separate staff. Above all, the safety of staff is paramount for the foreseeable future.


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