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Trade Show Tips
Trade Show Tips

There are lots of things which need to be if you require an exhibition stand for a trade show. After all, it will be the determining factor as to whether your exhibition or promotional event is a success. There are some fantastic exhibition design stand companies and so it is pivotal that the time and effort is taken in order to ensure that you opt for the right one.

Nevertheless, it is also important that you sit down and gain a base knowledge of exhibition stand design in order to ensure that you are equipped with a bit of insight for when the process begins. This blog post aims to give some guidance and tips with regards to that by revealing the current trends in display stands. This should help those who are searching for exhibition companies and event companies too like BrightVisionEvents, because it will present them with certain ideas and so they will have some sort of idea regarding the stand design they are looking for.


The first thing that is usually considered when it comes to an exhibition stand is the colours that are utilised. After all, the colours on display have a prominent and overwhelming impact and thus it is crucial that the right choice is made. Usually it is best to go for two or three colours. Anything more will simply be too confusing and make the stand look cluttered. When picking colours it is advisable to go for two contrasting colours. Contrasting in the sense that one is conservative and the other is vibrant. For instance you could opt for black with lime green or grey with fuchsia pink.


Once the colour of the stand has been considered it is also vital to think about the shape of it as well. In the past it was the norm to simply go for the box shape as this was the easiest and most obvious option. Nevertheless, nowadays it is in trend to go for a design which has a little bit more excitement and uniqueness to it. It is crucial to think about what shape will look good, but you also need to think about how it will best advertise your company and extenuate certain parts of your display. Moreover, don’t go for anything which is too complicated as again this will simply make it look confusing.


In addition to the colours used and the shapes, it is also advisable that you consider the utilisation of lighting very carefully. After all, there have been so many advances in technology as of late and this means that there is a vast selection of lighting options at your disposal. You can use different colour lights to set the right mood and to focus on certain points of your display board to ensure that people notice the areas you want them to first.

The three points mentioned in this article are chief areas that need to be contemplated when it comes to exhibition stand design. So make sure you give them a bit of thought before your consultation with a contractor.

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