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Welcome to Top 100 Wellness Influencers

Top 100 Wellness Influencer and Authors by openbusinesscouncil citiesabc indexdna provide a holistic overview and research list of the most important and influential authors, influencers, change makers and creators in the Wellness industry on Instagram!

Top Wellness influencer marketing outreach is a significant area in the digital space that has an impact on all of us including businesses and organisations.
On the internet top Wellness Influencers are now becoming global superstars.
You can refer to the article " 100 Blockchain Influencers" for the list of blockchain influencers. The Top Wellness Influencers listed by openbusinesscouncil indexdna with Keepface.com ranking focuses on recognising the global voices and influencers in this growing space and qualifying these predominant voices whom are influencing today’s wellness and mental health conversations on instagram.
That’s why we've used advanced data, analytics to look at their performance and dutifully scoured profiles, read their conversions and followed accounts in order to rank our preliminary Top 100 Wellness Influencers .
We gave special precedence to those influencers who can back up their content with professional credentials like being registered dietitians, certified health coaches, personal trainers and experienced yoga instructors.
This list is based on proprietary research, algorithm ranking which include, digital outreach, work done, books / papers published and, personal digital and social media profiles. This list is part of our IP indexdna SCBI - Scientific Cities Business Index - by openbusinesscouncil citiesabc (in the process of being trademarked) which also is collectively managed by an international team of influencers, our partners, researchers and openbusinesscouncil / ztudium group’s and Keepface.com editors.
The Top Wellness Influencers rankings, doesn’t necessarily mean they are our favorite. These personalities, influencers highlighted in this list are not endorsed by our organisation and we don't necessarily agree with everything they say.
This ranking list is an open step towards promoting personalities in this fast growing wellness and mental health influencer industry, with a 360 degrees outreach.
We acknowledge the importance of these ranked people and/ personalities in the industry, their work, achievements and their contribution to the Wellness industry, currently and in the future.

InfluencerNameInstagramCategoryTotal AudienceEngagement RateEngagement
1OprahHealing, Motivation19,234,6642.00%384,693
2Kayla ltsinesBBG, Health, Fitne ss12,787,9421.60 %204,607
3Chloe TingFitness, Health7,847,75411.04 %866,392
4ShondaFitness, Food, Lifestyl e6,298,0130.90%56,682
5Rachel BrathenYoga, Meditation, Healing4,967,4930.90%44,707
6SarahHealth, Food, Yoga2,906,8162.60%75,577
7SjanaYoga, Health2,755,2411.20 %33,063
8Stephanie MillerWorkout, Health, Pr egnancy2,644,7322.20%58,184
9Bethany HamiltonLifestyle, Mental Health2,244,9702.60%58,369
10Laura KasperzakYoga, Health2,108,2280.70%14,758
11MikZazonBody Positivity, Mental Health2,101,5035.30%111,380
12Brittany HertzFitn ess, Lifest yle2,088,3923.40%71,005
13Madalin GiorgettaFitness, Mental health2,074,5651.70%35,268
14Cassey HoWorkout, Health, Food1,996,2012.50%49,905
15Melissa WoodWorkout , Food, Lifestyle1,850,0391.80%33,301
16Ashley GalvinYoga, Health, Fitness1,600,7821.20%19,209
17Boho BeautifulYoga, Lifestyle1,576,8435.40%85,150
18Chelsea WilliamsYoga, lifestyle1,347,1471.60%21,554
19Kayla NielsenMeditation, Yoga, Mental Health1,249,8842.30%28,747
20JONAH KESTYoga, lifestyle1,233,6833.70%45,646
21Caley AlyssaAstrological Yoga, Coach, Lifestyle1,233,5391.30%16,036
22Andrea HannemannHealth, Fitness, Family1,223,5392.40%29,365
23Gala DarlingMedidation, Manifesting, Author1,222,4642.40%29,339
24Heather HoffmanSpiritu ality, Meditation, Mental Health1,207,0114.70%56,730
25ELLIE BULLENNutritionist, Dietitian,Lifestyle1,200,4872.90%34,814
26Alana BlanchardSurf, Lifest yle, Workout1,192,3903.00%35,772
27Salty Luxelifestyle, Health1,173,8032.60%30,519
28Jackie GibsonHealth & Wellness1,123,5922.40%26,966
29Sarni ClarkeWorkout, Healthy, Food1,038,4424.70%48,807
30JOSH KRAMERYoga, Health1,002,6191.90%19,050
31Kenzie BurkeMental Health, Lifest yle977,2522.70%26,386
32Briohny SmythYoga, Medidation, Mental Health940,5531.50%14,108
33Kino MacGregorYoga, Mental Health884,5530.90%7,961
34Liz LowensteinYoga and lifestyle8523341.20%10,228
36Caitlin TurnerYoga, Entr epreneurship, Innovation813,8381.20%9,766
37JaniceYoga, Mental Health758,2631.10%8,341
38Michelle MuenchHealth, Food, Yoga7532251.60%12,052
39Morgan TylerYoga, Mental Health740,9121.60%11,855
40RaymeHealth, Fitness, Wellness722,3451.90%13,725
41Chontel DuncanWorkout, Diet713,4591.20%8,562
42Kelsey WellsWorkout, Em powerment689,2320.90%6,203
43Kristan McGeeYoga & Meditation613,8821.70%10,436
44JacobYoga, Fitness, Health575,4431.30%7,481
45Sophie JaffeIntuit ion & Yoga572,3350.99%5,666
46Koya WebbWellness & Yoga555,4130.70%3,888
47Nicholas CoolridgeYoga and lifestyle547,8253.70%20,270
48Tracey MalletPilat es, Lifestyle543,7652.50%13,594
49Ashley DeleonPilates, lifestyle538,3204.80%25,839
50DeAndre JosephYoga & Meditation532,4452.00%10,649
51KylanYoga & Workout516,6721.20%6,200
52David Robson yogaYoga & Meditation499,9747.10%35,498
53Vesic JelenaYoga & Meditation489,6538.30%40,641
54Patrick BeachYoga & Meditation445,7391.60%7,132
55MaryochsnerYoga and lifestyle427,5433.20%13,681
56Beach Yoga GirlYoga, Pil ates426,4420.90%3,838
57Livin LeggingsYoga, lifestyle410,1082.30%9,432
58Laura HenshawHealth, li festyl e407,5124.90%19,968
59Leah ltsinesFood & Nutrition381,2250.90%3,431
60Chelse AkauaiYoga, Meditation, Healing3693856.10%22,532
61EmchEm YogaYoga, Lifestyle369,3145.70%21,051
62ManifestationbabeManifestation, Healing364,1392.60%9,468
63Gabby BernsteinMotivation, Healing361,7470.90%3,256
64Mel RobbinsMo tivation , Healing361,6391.40%5,063
65Sahara RoseMotivation, Healing3598371.70%6,117
66Natalie ElizabethMotivation, Meditation357,0121.70%6,069
67Fit Healthy WorkoutFitn ess, Workout352,6700.60%2,116
68Sarah BowmarMotivation, Healthy, lifestyle342,1741.20%4,106
69Chloe Swain FitWorkout, Fitness323,6550.60%1,942
70Carmen MorganWorkout, Dance314,8620.70%2,204
71Alexia ClarkWorkout, lifestyle313,8150.50%1,569
72NatalieJi11fitFitn ess, Workout298,0400.50%1,490
73Massy AriasHealthy, Lifestyle, Fitn ess291,4451.80%5,246
74Nicole MonroeFitn ess, Trainer288,5352.30%6,636
75Senada GrecaWorkout, Fitn ess286,7333.50%10,036
76Halani LobdellWitness, Trainer255,4563.50%8,941
77Noelle NenepeFitness, li fest yle254,3712.70%6,868
78QuiWorkout, Motivation2525931.90%4,799
79Bryce HallHealth&Fitness, Celebrity216,82514.70 %31,873
80Josephine SkriverHealth&Fitne ss, Celebrity, Modelling210,7395.10%10,748
81Ruba AliWorkout, Health, Lifestyle209,3595.80%12,143
82Sam SweeneyFitn ess, Health196,0252.70%5,293
83Elvin LevinlerYoga, Life sty le, Meditation185,6644.80%8,912
84Demi BagbyWorkout, Health, Lifestyle180,9872.50%4,525
85Claire P. ThomasLifestyle , Fitn ess178,0204.50%8,011
86Laura JulaineLifestyle, Health, Workout175,3104.30%7,538
87SavWrightFitn ess, Health168,1084.00%6,724
88Brittany LuptonWorkout, Fitn ess167,0243.60%6,013
89Cristina CapronLife style, Fitn ess, Health160,0942.50%4,002
90Tay ChayLifestyle, Workout158,4512.80%4,437
91Kayle EullomFitn ess, Lifest yle158,3642.40%3,801
92Aubrie BromlowWorkout, Pregnancy , Lifestyle152,6914%6,108
93Cara LorenFamil y, Workou t, Lifestyle144,1340.85%1,225
94MickealaWorkout, Health, li festyle139,6642.40%3,352
95GabbyWorkout, Food, Lifestyle121,8062.91%3,545
96Maryana DvorskaHealth, li fest yle120,5422.10%2,531
97Gabby MaleFitness&Food116,2912.80%3,256
98Nicole AxelsonBody acceptance, Fitness, Lifestyle110,3241.90%2,096
99Ashley FloresLifestyle, Workouts, Fashion107,4632.60%2,794
100Cetin CetintasYoga and Lifestyle104,4561.20 %1,253

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is wellness influencer?
Wellness influencer is part of a rapidly growing health and wellbeing industry and Covering topics such as fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and spirituality.

How do i become a wellness influencer?
Choose a niche, grow your audience on social platforms, become an expert in the niche you choose, reach out to sponsors and brands once you grow a following.

How do health and wellness influencers make money?
There is many ways like start affiliate marketing, sell your content in the form of an eBook and make the most of digital courses and workshops.