Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Welcome to Top 100 Fintech Influencers

Top 100 Fintech Influencer and Authors by openbusinesscouncil citiesabc indexdna provide a holistic overview and research list of the most important and influential authors, influencers, change makers and creators in the Fintech industry on social media!

Top Fintech influencer marketing outreach is a significant area in the digital space that has an impact on all of us including businesses and organisations.
On the internet top Fintech Influencers are now becoming global superstars.
The Top Fintech Influencers listed by openbusinesscouncil indexdna with Keepface.com ranking focuses on recognising the global voices and influencers in this growing space and qualifying these predominant voices whom are influencing today’s wellness and mental health conversations on instagram.
That’s why we've used advanced data, analytics to look at their performance and dutifully scoured profiles, read their conversions and followed accounts in order to rank our preliminary Top 100 Fintech Influencers .
We gave special precedence to those influencers who can back up their content with professional credentials like being industry leaders.
This list is based on proprietary research, algorithm ranking which include, digital outreach, work done, books / papers published and, personal digital and social media profiles. This list is part of our IP indexdna SCBI - Scientific Cities Business Index - by openbusinesscouncil citiesabc (in the process of being trademarked) which also is collectively managed by an international team of influencers, our partners, researchers and openbusinesscouncil / ztudium group’s and Keepface.com editors.
The Top FintechInfluencers rankings, doesn’t necessarily mean they are our favorite. These personalities, influencers highlighted in this list are not endorsed by our organisation and we don't necessarily agree with everything they say.
This ranking list is an open step towards promoting personalities in this fast growing wellness and mental health influencer industry, with a 360 degrees outreach.
We acknowledge the importance of these ranked people and/ personalities in the industry, their work, achievements and their contribution to the Fintech industry, currently and in the future.