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Three Office Challenges And How To Tackle Them

Three Office Challenges And How To Tackle Them
Three Office Challenges And How To Tackle Them

A lot of people think that working in an office is actually a lot easier than it really is. The truth is that working in close proximity to a lot of people every day can definitely throw up a lot of problems and have some big challenges. Here are a few tips on how to handle three of the biggest challenges you might face in your day to day office life…
Conflict Between Co-Workers
Chances are, you probably spend more time with your colleagues than with your friends and family. Spending eight hours a day and forty hours a week sandwiched between people you probably wouldn’t choose to sit with can be draining, boring and exhausting – and it can often lead to sharp words, disagreements and misunderstandings . Although a lot of people meet their best friends at work, other people absolutely do not. If you’re one of the latter, or if you’ve observed other people ruining the atmosphere with their personal issues, it’s time to change that. One way to do that is through better communication. Make sure that you communicate exactly what you mean and that you’re open with your facial expressions and body language. Snarkiness in the workplace does no one any good.
An Office Move
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Moving house can be incredibly stressful and if you’re in charge of an office move, you’ll find it’s just as tough. It also has completely different challenges – how do you move everyone’s desks and computers and end up with everyone sitting in a configuration that they’ll be happy with and that will be good for the office set up? It definitely isn’t easy. First of all, be careful with the office you choose – you want somewhere bright, full of fresh air and spacious so that people don’t feel hemmed in and so that they don’t get headaches from a lack of light and air. Make sure that the environment around the office is pleasant, including places where people can buy lunch, and so that they can commute easily. Finally, don’t think that you have to do it all yourself – some companies like My Bekins specialise in moving offices and they could help out.
A Technology Crash

More and more companies rely on their online presence and services these days, so if you have technology issues it can be extremely stressful. If that happens to you, it’s time to take a deep breath, count to ten to calm your racing heart, and remind yourself that there’s only so much you can do until you’re back online.
Your clients should also be able to connect with you via phone, so make sure you’re available there, and that you have as much information as possible – for example, when you expect to be online again, and whatever issues you’re having. You should also make sure that you have savings so that you can compensate your clients for any lost time without worrying about your financial situation, and that you have tech experts behind you backing everything up.

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