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The Most Important Video Marketing Trends for 2016

Based on Forbes´s  preview of the video marketing trends of 2016, the company Hyperfine  produced a fantastic infographic. According to the infographic there are 5 important trends that one must keep in mind when creating video content in 2016.

The five trends are:

    • Branded Video Content
    • Video Landing Pages
    • Use of GIFS
    • Live Video Streaming
    • Using Videos in Email Marketing Campaigns

By implementing these trends in your marketing campaigns you can benefit from increased user interactions and conversions, as well as a boosting your brand image. Video marketing has seen a huge rise in popularity of late. Hyperfine is a video production and animation company that works with businesses across the UK. The following infographic results from Hyperfine´s  tried and tested methods of video marketing in 2016.

The Most Important Video Marketing Trends For 2016 Infographic by Hyperfine
Hernaldo Turrillo
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