The Digital Big Bang: The Book That Explores The Future Of Cybersecurity

The Digital Big Bang: The Book That Explores The Future Of Cybersecurity
The Digital Big Bang: The Book That Explores The Future Of Cybersecurity

The Digital Big Bang: The Hard Stuff, The Soft Stuff, And the Future of Cybersecurity explores approaching cybersecurity like science. Like the scientists of centuries ago who led the search for knowledge about the cosmic big bang, space and the science behind it, this book includes thoughtful observations, hypothesis, and conclusions on cyberspace and the ‘digital’ big bang from many of today’s cybersecurity leaders.

The book is authored by Phil Quade, who brings three decades of security experience in numerous private and government organisations. He believes that: “Embracing cybersecurity as a science can be an incredibly powerful and effective way to underpin innovation.”

Further, the book contains contributions from more than 30 of the most accomplished leaders in the cybersecurity field who share their knowledge and experience from working on the front line in industries that keep changing in the world of digital transformation.  These contributors represent the most important industries and organisations globally, including academia, airlines, financial management, healthcare and government.

Cybersecurity subjects that The Digital Big Bang covers include:

  • Speed and connectivity; the core and binding strategies of cybersecurity
  • Authentication, patching, and training; frequent elementary shortfalls
  • Cryptography, access control, and segmentation; fundamental and proven strategies
  • Visibility, inspection, and failure recovery; advanced strategies and sophisticated cybersecurity operations
  • Complexity, privacy, and human frailty; higher-order dimension factors that can eclipse computing wizardry
  • The future of cybersecurity, including AI, ML and securing hyperconnectivity

The Digital Big Bang will be of interest to anyone faced with the challenges of 21st century cybersecurity in all industries and sectors, including business leaders, policy makers, analysts and researchers as well as IT professionals, educators, and students.

The Author

Phil Quade is the CISO of Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT). Phil brings more than three decades of cyber intelligence, defense, and attack experience working across foreign, government, and commercial industry sectors at the National Security Agency (NSA) and partner organisations, such as US Cyber Command, the CIA, and others.

The Digital Big Bang: The hard stuff, the soft stuff, and the future of cybersecurity
  • The Digital Big Bang: The Hard Stuff, The Soft Stuff, And the Future of Cybersecurity
  • By Phil Quade
  • Published by Wiley
  • Paperback Version: £22.99






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