Redesigning The Way ‘Work’ Works: The Book That Delves Into The Jobs Of The Future

Redesigning The Way 'Work' Works: The Book That Delves Into The Jobs Of The Future
Redesigning The Way ‘Work’ Works: The Book That Delves Into The Jobs Of The Future

The way we think about work is changing rapidly. Stability, structure and ‘a job for life’ are becoming obsolete concepts, with Millennials seeking out environments that give them a sense of purpose and help them learn and grow. Work has gone from somewhere we GO to something we DO – and companies urgently need to redesign their work architecture to keep up.

Why this book matters:

  • Written by international workforce design and talent acquisition expert Bruce Morton – who has been helping organisations around the world rethink the way work works for the last 40 years!
  • 87% of Millennials’ top priority is to learn and grow – the youngest in the workforce expect different things from their careers, including fun, development, and purpose.
  • Flexibility and a strong work ethic are not mutually exclusive – In order to attract and retain top talent, brands need to change their work structure to fit around employee lives.
  • The rise of the ‘talentsumer’ – We need to start viewing employees as consumers of work. They expect the same level of service as they do from their favourite consumer brands.
  • Role reversal between the recruiter and the candidate – Candidates are now in the hiring seat, and recruiters need to step up their game to recruit and retain the best talent.
  • Companies now need a Work Design Architect – A designated person who understands, designs, and gives strategic advice on the best way to get work done.

Redesigning the Way Work Works is a guide to helping businesses keep employees happy and retain the best talent, written by talent acquisition and work design expert Bruce Morton.

Although the expectations of employees have changed, many companies still cling to old ideas of how the relationship between employees and work should be, something the author of the book describes as the biggest ‘company culture’ myths.

Redesigning the Way Work Works dismisses some of these myths, which include:

  • Recruiters AREN’T in the hiring seat – Recruiting top talent is getting harder, and candidates are now the ones choosing where to work. Employers need to offer more to their staff to persuade candidates to choose them.
  • Millennials AREN’T job hoppers – Millennials are not job hoppers – they just seek employment which gives them purpose and helps them grow and seek it elsewhere if their needs aren’t met.
  • Flexible working DOESN’T mean low work ethic – Workers do better in jobs that can adapt to their lifestyle. Flexible working needs to be offered to employees to offer a greater work-life balance and keep them satisfied.
  • Companies DON’T have a full picture on how they are getting work done today. They need the ability to take the organization’s business objectives and turn those goals into a structured workforce architecture and framework.

Redesigning the Way Work Works is a guide to creating a company culture that responds to employee needs. Through redesigning work architecture, businesses can meet employee expectations, compete against other employers, attract the best talent, and create a thriving company culture.

The author

Bruce Morton is a distinguish thought-leader and global innovator with over 40 years’ experience. A renowned international speaker, Bruce has stimulated audiences across Europe, US, and Asia with his fresh and innovative approach to acquiring top talent. Bruce has designed, implemented and managed some of the largest resourcing solutions across many different parts of the globe, saving companies millions of dollars whilst securing the very best talent.

Bruce currently serves as Head of Strategy for Allegis Global Solutions. He was promoted from Head of Innovation in January 2018. This role concentrates on adding increased value to clients from new services and product idea generation, digital transformation, internal and external thought leadership and face to the industry through conferences and speaking engagements. Bruce’s latest innovation is that of a dynamic integrated technology platform that, for the first time, integrates top-of-class digital recruitment technologies that create engaged living talent communities.

Redesigning the way work works
Redesigning the way work works
  • Redesigning the way work works
  • By Bruce Morton
  • Out Now
  • Paperback Version: £21.10
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