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Why Your Office Just Isn’t Up To Scratch

Why Your Office Just Isn’t Up To Scratch

Whether you’ve worked it out for yourself, or others have told you, you may have recently discovered that your office space sucks! It’s a harsh reality to face, but it’s a reality all the same. And it’s definitely something to be concerned about. Whether you’ve been in business for a long time, or you’ve just started out, you may find that your surroundings just aren’t up to scratch. And if you want your physical premises to reflect your business, you need to turn that around and fast. If you’ve got the budget to do it, then great. If not, it’s time to raise some cash and get to work on fixing some of these key issues.

It’s Too Small

When you first start out on your own, it might be okay to begin in your bedroom, or take a lease out on an office the size of a broom closet, but it’s not going to cut it forever. When you need to take on staff, or you have clients coming to visit, a tiny office space will only say one thing: you’re not successful. It’s awful, but true. So when you can, move on up. Your office is a physical representation of your business, so you need it to sell you, not put you down.

It’s In The Wrong Location

But at the same time, you have to ensure that you’ve picked out the perfect location. At first, you may have gone with a space that was cost-effective, because it was your only option, but you can’t always keep it that way. If you want your space to sell you as a business, where it is really does matter. Surely you’ve heard of the saying location, location, location before? So make your location count.

Your office is your brand, so if you want to come off as cool, you have to create a cool space.

It’s Unsafe

This point could actually be closely related to the latter, but if your office is unsafe, you need to make a change – and fast. Not only could you be at risk yourself, but so could everything you own. If you’re not able to move just yet, then speak to someone like WesTec Services and get some CCTV installed. With video security in place, it should deter any potential break-ins, or at least record you some evidence if it should happen.

It’s Shabby

For this point, you have no excuses for putting it right! Because remember, your office is always a physical representation of who you are as a business. So when your office space is shabby, guess what it says about your business? To make sure you give off the right image, have a little decorating session to spruce things up a little.

The Facilities Suck!

And finally, if you haven’t got any exciting or even essential facilities, you’re going to want to work on that. Cool office spaces always have the coolest facilities. These days, just having washrooms and a kitchen isn’t enough. You need cool relaxation areas, quirky artwork, and even a hammock! And again (you should know it by now), your office is your brand, so if you want to come off as cool, you have to create a cool space.

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