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Nailing The Hottest Digital Publication Trend: E-Magazines

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Online communications have undeniably altered the way in which consumers interact with media. Thanks to the internet, we have a world of information and data at our fingertips. Moreover, the use of smartphones and various broadcasting streams enable instant content production. This has inevitably given birth to a host of new media types including podcasts and live streaming. Many of those modern ideas borrow heavily from traditional methods, evolving to cater the 21st-century audience. In recent years, e-magazines have become one of the most popular.

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E-magazines, also known as digital magazines, are exactly that. They are a virtual representation of the printed media that has been around for generations. They are used by some of the world’s biggest publications, as well as small independent ones. Meanwhile, they can come as a separate entity or as a digital copy of an issue that is still available in print.

Still, digital publishers looking to use e-magazine opportunities must obey the right guidelines. Otherwise, those titles will fall flat. One of the first things you need to appreciate is that the data will be accessed on a variety of different devices. Readers may download the issue to their smartphones, laptops, tablets or desktops. Therefore, any design should be accommodating for the entire audience.

As with printed magazines, your title will be judged by the cover. Using an online magazine creator to perfect yours for all browsing windows will immediately give you a better chance of having your title read. Of course, it’s imperative that the internal pages look the part too. Nonetheless, the outside cover is the most important. After all, it sets the tone of the entire digital publication.

In many ways, digital magazines adhere to the same rules as printed versions. Even if you opt for longer articles, content will be more concise than a book. Meanwhile, it’s important that the tone is appropriate for your chosen demographic. Unfortunately, if the work fails to resonate with them, they’ll soon start subscribing to another title.

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However, digital magazines do boast the benefits of being able to incorporate new media. Utilizing video and interactive elements vindicates the decision to take the publication online. Moreover, those advanced media types are often far easier to digest. In turn, this can enable you to reach an even larger audience. Besides, it’s a fantastic facility to express the personality of your brand too.

Unlocking your writing style and subject matter is a unique journey. Only you can master this field. One thing that all editors will require, though, is the support of a great team. But those winning candidates shouldn’t be limited to writers , photographers, and other creatives. As a digital publication, you’ll also need the help of experts in online aspects.

Your publication won’t be read by anyone if it doesn’t get seen. Therefore, hiring the help of SEO experts to ensure that your website receives traffic from the right level of traffic is key. Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you ensure any domain boasts a suitable layout and design too. Without it, visitors could be turned away before even looking at the e-magazine itself.

Perhaps more importantly, it needs to appear on the right digital shelves. Gaining readers directly from your website is great. Even the big publications gain the bulk of their online readers through third-party platforms. Whether it’s NewsStand or another source doesn’t matter. Ensuring that potential readers can find your issues by searching the appropriate keywords and genres is key.

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There are plenty of additional ways to gain interest in your product. Social media is naturally a hugely important factor. Build a following through Twitter and Instagram before directing them to the publication, and you will see great results. It will require building the right persona on those platforms first, but that hard work will soon be vindicated.

An even greater source of positivity, though, is your existing clients. Viral content will increase exposure and visibility on a number of social platforms. Moreover, other consumers are far more likely to take note of their views rather than your marketing campaigns. With this in mind, it may also be worth using testimonials and affiliate schemes to generate sales. The great thing about referral marketing for digital publications is that there is no physical product. Therefore, even if you give affiliates a large cut, the extra profits aren’t impacted by production costs.

Ultimately, generating money is the one barometer that truly matters. Operating in a digital arena removes a number of expenses, including printing. Nonetheless, putting an e-magazine together will require investment and faith. Therefore, knowing how to maximize the sales figures should be top of the agenda

By choosing the right third-party platform, you’ll be able to offer readers a free sample. Letting them read an article or two for free can give them the desire to want more. Once you’ve gained this, the chances of gaining a paid full download will shoot through the roof. When starting out, however, it may be worth making the first issue more affordable. Let’s face it; nobody is going to worry about spending $1.49 on a download. Start charging more, however, and there’s a reason for them to resist. Getting that first read could lead to a long-term subscription. Therefore, sacrificing a little short-term profit could be crucial.

Advertising within the magazine is another great way to make money. Just remember that more readers will result in bigger profits through PPC and affiliate ads. Again utilizing the modern media types such as hyperlinks, banners and videos will help entice clicks. Just remember that anything advertised should be relevant to the reader and the publication too. Otherwise, it could lead to slight feelings of alienation.

In terms of actual content, nobody should teach you how to suck eggs. You’ll know the best route to engaging with your desired audience about your chosen topic. Combine that with the publishing tips above, and your hopes of becoming a popular title will soar. Whether it’s a stand-alone venture or a tool to improve existing output, this can only be great news for business.

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