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Investment Opportunity: Crypterium Private Equity Sale On Seedrs

They say that early bird gets the best offers and hefty profits. If you look back at some of the most successful cryptocurrency projects, that does make sense. Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and many other platforms that started small are now topping the crypto market cap list. And it’s an investor’s job to bet on the right one.

When choosing the next likely to succeed fintech project, analyzing the potential of the technology should become a priority. Crypterium, an award-winning digital wallet and a licensed financial institution, proves that building a solid product is what contributes to building trust among investors. After listing on Seedrs, a popular online fundraiser from the UK, Crypterium is about to hit the 200% overfunding target. And there’s still time to join the party. 

Crypterium: Why So Special?

Chaired by former VISA General Manager, Steven Parker, Crypterium is on the mission to redesign the traditional financial system by rolling out crypto rails and bridging fiat and digital currency spaces. 

Crypterium currently features two major products in operation: Crypterium Wallet and crypto-to-fiat card for everyday purchases. The wallet serves as a universal tool for easy digital asset management and allows sending, holding, buying, exchanging, and withdrawing crypto, as well as earning interest. Contactless Crypterium Card, in turn, enables its owners to pay for goods and services in over 42 million retailers from 180 countries, as well as withdraw cash in the majority of ATMs worldwide.

In 2020, the company’s key product – multicurrency wallet —  demonstrated sustainable growth. The number of the wallet’s users has doubled, totaling 400,000 people across 170 countries. As opposed to other industries, the global pandemic had a positive impact on the crypto space, and Crypterium appeared to be on top of the situation demonstrating 10x monthly profit growth and  €150.000.000 turnover. 

Apart from developing its signature products, Crypterium, similar to other companies designing in-demand cryptocurrency wallets, offers its white label solutions for businesses lacking proper wallet and infrastructure layout. As of now, more than 25 enterprises employ Crypterium’s services. 

New Investment Opportunities

private agreement

The new investment round is meant to help the company speed up the process of building innovative financial solutions including the loan system and AI-based predictions. The platform plans to further extend its B2B product portfolio by adding crypto acquiring and other solutions. As for the B2C services, portfolio management, interest and fiat accounts, as well as other DeFi products are to be introduced. 

Dedicated to providing global access to cash, Crypterium is on the way to entering the new frontiers of Asia and South America. To be fully compliant across all the major markets, the company schedules to complete the UK registration, EMI Europe, and MSB USA.

Other medium-term expansion plans include moving away from third-party services including card issuance, custody, and exchange which will significantly reduce fees on all of its features. Crypterium is looking to issue its own cards with global coverage and international wire transfers.

Having successfully completed a series of legal checkups and verified by Seedrs as a legitimate and high-standard investment opportunity, Crypterium was approved for hosting a closed private equity sale.

By registering on Seedrs anyone can buy Crypterium’s private equity. Future investors are offered six benefit packages that fit any budget starting from 100 EUR to over 50,000 EUR.

Depending on the category, various benefits can be unlocked from getting free access to Crypterium’s proprietary price prediction tool to taking part in shareholder meetings or obtaining priority access to Beta testing. Other benefits include cashback on Crypterium Card purchases, higher interest rates, branded merch, and custom card design.

To participate in this fundraising activity, investors should sign up on Seedrs.com and verify their profiles. Then they have to choose an investment package via Crypterium’s portal, and submit their Seedrs registration data to receive a CRPT token bonus.

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