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IAITAM Virtual Conference Raises $15.6 Million To Support COVID-19 Relief Charities

IAITAM Virtual Conference Raises $15.6 Million To Support COVID-19 Relief Charities

The International Association of IT Asset Managers hosts a virtual conference where members and annual conference attendees donate to local/national charities

The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) has hosted their global Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) and those registering for the virtual conference were encouraged to donate to a COVID-19 relief charity of their choice.  The result: An unexpectedly massive outpouring of $15.6 million from attendees.

In response to this IAITAM initiative, the following relief efforts were donated to support individuals and businesses affected by the coronavirus:

· Over $15 million donated in the name of COVID relief, including Feeding America, United Way of Midlands, Foodbank for the Heartland, Second Harvest Food Bank, Midwest Food Bank, and Canadian Red Cross.

· 12,670 protective face masks were donated to police, fire, hospital, and other essential workers.

· Hundreds of pounds of medical supplies, food and other necessities were donated to Boston Children’s Hospital.

· More than 120 hours were volunteered to assist organizations like The Community Action Project, United Way, and COVID Relief Fund.

IAITAM President and CEO Dr. Barbara Rembiesa said: “I am blown away by the success of our COVID-19 relief charities.  This is the kind of leadership you would expect from IT Asset Managers. These unsung heroes protect the financial investment of the organization by ensuring the operational implementation of hardware and software is done efficiently and correctly. We have members within our network from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, alike. Every agency or business owner in this digital age should be thinking about their IT assets and how they can increase return on investment and strengthen their data security with proper ITAM training and planning.”

ACE is the world’s largest IT Asset Management (ITAM) conference and explores key topics on ITAM and COVID-19 challenges. Those in attendance included CIOs, COOs, CTOs, IT Asset Managers, IT Professionals, Finance Managers, legal professionals and more. Attendees gained information that could assist them in starting new asset management programs or improve their existing ones.

The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, Inc., is the professional association for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of IT Asset Management, SAM, Hardware Asset Management, Mobile Asset Management, IT Asset Disposition and the lifecycle processes supporting IT Asset Management in organizations and industry across the globe. IAITAM certifications are the only IT Asset Management certifications that are recognized worldwide.

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