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How to Personalize your Possessions and Objects

We all have possessions that have more meaning to them than being merely objects. There is a reason why personality is important in any endeavour: it shows the world what makes you unique and, well, you. Art is highly personal, and through home decor and simple DIYs, a creative glimpse of yourself helps you exude your cheerful personality. Here is a beginner’s guide to easily personalise of your items to bring a unique touch to your possessions and the space around you.

In this article, we’ll look at various ways that you can personalise your objects and possessions.

Do It Yourself

Later in this article, we’ll cover some simple and easy ways to personalise the items and objects you buy or already have in your possession. However, there is a way you can make your possessions personal and unique right from the start: by making them yourself.

Furthermore, this is very affordable: DIY projects allow you to make your personal stamp on a budget. Making and creating something for yourself will always be cherished more than something you pick up off a rack. Spending the time and effort will be more precious to you than whatever you might want to buy.

Better yet, you will likely actually enjoy the process and the care you would take in creating something of your own. Undeniably, making things for yourself means an investment of time, and a degree of skill. This skill itself takes time and you need to invest the hours to develop those skills. You could start slow, and take up painting, sketching, collage-making, wood-working, embroidery – whatever you can do, it will be yours.


Scent is an important element when it comes to personalising your home or any other space. It is well known that scent gives you a sense of serenity. It is incredibly calming and can be one of the most powerful triggers of memory.

Having a distinct scent that is soothing to you, either in one room or wisps of it in the entire house, will not only make your home feel a lot like your but will also help it to become your haven. There are plenty of aromatic candles and incense you would can find on the market. Even a few drops of essential oils suffice in giving you a loving, relaxing home.

DIY screen printing

When you most often think of screen printing, it is associated with t-shirts or other merchandise such as balloons, bags or lanyards. You can, however use screen printing to customise a large range of objects. Doing this at home is easy enough but it is a fairly long process. Still, simple research will hook you up with the best tips and tricks, and you can try screen printing all for yourself and use it to personalise your objects however you’d like.


Compact Laser Engraver

You can search for a local shop which might provide this service or buy yourself a compact laser engraver. To put it in simple words, laser engraving is a permanent way to add letters or graphics to certain materials that looks very professional. Laser engraving is not suitable for all objects, but looks phenomenal on metal surfaces.


Stickers are extremely versatile and go on literally everything, be it phones, computers, laptops, fridges, cars or TV remotes. They add an element of fun to your possessions and you can be sure your persona will stick too. You can get holographic stickers that are customised according to your wishes, or print them yourself it home.


Aren’t pictures just the best way to personalise your things? Pictures can be put anywhere. Be it old or new, a picture is always something that makes you smile. Whether a family picture in your wallet, a picture from a summer afternoon with friends on the lake near your house as your laptop wallpaper, or a picture of you from the best concert you ever went to on the back cover of your phone- pictures are one of the best ways to personalise your stuff.


This one takes a bit of skill and a lot of patience, but you might actually find it worth your time. If not, several stores provide a variety of Christmas embroidery designs, if it’s the season of course! Pick one that works best for you. It doesn’t have to be intricate. You can choose from a variety of minimal motifs on a simple T-Shirt or even on an old pair of pants. Choose something that represents you and the little bursts of colour will be quite the head-turner.

However you decide to personalize your products, make sure you stay true to your own unique and fabulous personality. Be unapologetically and beautifully you. Happy customising!

Hernaldo Turrillo
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