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How To Boost Sales On Valentine’s Day

How To Boost Sales On Valentine’s Day. Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for growing sales and business, and you have just enough time to prepare your business for it. People often think of it as a cheesy celebration. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Check these tips and improve your offers and boost your sales.

Check Last Year Situation

If you had your business for more than a year, you should look back at your previous Valentine days and gather data from it. Look for what people were looking for last year, and take care of it in advance. This way, you can calculate your expectations and be prepared for increased demand.

Upgrade Appearance both Online and Offline

There are some people that can’t wait for Valentine’s day to come. And there are others who remember it only the night before. So to remind people about this day, upgrade your business appearance. It would be best if you did it both ways: offline (in the office or shop), and online (on your website and social media).

Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of the Board of web hosting provider Hostinger, says: “Little details can go a long way. You don’t have to pour rose petals all over your website design. Just add a subtle hint to remember a loved one and an additional gift suggestion at the check-out, and it can do the trick.”

Fast Delivery

To help those who tend to forget the day, but still want to show attention to their loved ones, offer fast delivery. People might remember the need for a gift or flowers at the very last minute, and the same-day delivery is the selling point at situations like this.

Forbes highlight the fact that small businesses have the upper hand when Valentine’s demand is so high: “Local and smaller businesses can win Valentine’s Day by offering something that online companies can’t — whether it’s an in-person experience, same-day availability or customizability.”

Special Offers

In addition to trying to be original, you can always work with special discounts. They might seem predictable, but the important thing is – they work. You can offer exclusive sales for Valentine’s sets with several items in it. This way, you are providing the discount, but at the same time, the customer ends up with a bigger order.

Unexpected Offers

Valentine’s day is all about love, but love can be found in unexpected places. For example, National Retail Federation reports that a quarter of adults under 35-year-olds love to love on their pets and are buying Valentine’s day gifts for them. This data shows that Valentine’s day is a good day to think outside the box and see the love in various forms.

Anti-Valentine’s Specials

When thinking about Valentine’s day, don’t forget those who can’t take it. Just because they don’t want to celebrate doesn’t mean that they don’t want to buy anything. Take care of singles or those sarcastic couples. Offer them something that would help to get away from Valentine’s day. It can be a blanket to hide under or an extremely unromantic movie that would help to forget all those cheesy vibes.

Different people approach Valentine’s day in different ways. It means that your business can do the same. First, check the date from the previous years and get some insights into what people expect from your business. Put some visual reminders of the upcoming day in your store and on your website. Offer Valentine’s special sale for sets of gifts. Don’t forget that people love their pets as much as their significant others, so Valentine’s gifts can be aimed at pets. And finally, show some empathy for those who hate Valentine’s day by suggesting goods that would help to escape the celebration.

Hernaldo Turrillo
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