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Hard Money Loans New York: A Reliable Financing Option

New York is a bustling city that is great for real estate investments. However, the prices are quite high, and it is not always that investors have cash on hand. This is where hard money loans New York comes into play.

Hard Money Loans New York A Reliable Financing Option

The notion that hard money loans are quick and easy business transactions that frequently result in cold, hard cash is not entirely incorrect. Although hard money loans do not offer quick loans in the same way that typical financing does, this does not mean they are not an ideal, safe option for everyone. How do you deal with hard money loans New York, and is there anything you should be aware of? Read on to learn more.

 Hard Money Loans New York: An Overview

They are privately owned companies or individuals who accept collateral in exchange for short-term loans. When a previous loan or mortgage application is denied, some borrowers may turn to hard money loans. Typically, these borrowers of hard money loans would want to avoid the lengthy approval processes associated with traditional lenders.

In comparison to traditional mortgages or more secure loans, hard money loans in New York have a less stringent approval process. This makes them ideal for individuals who require relatively quick purchases. Mortgages and loans can usually take up to a month to approve, close, and ultimately purchase a property. However, with hard money loans, it is quite different. They are able to approve and release loans and mortgages in just a matter of days.


Lenders of hard money loans in New York are typically private companies or investors who have extensive experience in this type of lending. Hard money lenders are not subjected to the same regulations as with traditional, conforming loan lenders. This simply means that they can freely determine how to calculate their borrowers’ debt-to-income ratios and their credit scores for most of their regulations.

There is a very high possibility of easily finding a hard money loan lender who will quickly approve loans even when other traditional lending institutions have previously denied them. For a hard money loan lender,  the property’s value is more important than the borrowers’ creditworthiness.

How It Works

It will be beneficial to differentiate how hard money loans New York work in contrast with the traditional forms of financing.

Tradition Loans

This loan category is not well defined, but in this context, “traditional” refers to loans obtained through the regular loan process. This would involve an application for the loan, the lender conducting credit checks, and determining the applicant’s ability to repay the loan; if the borrower passes their set standard, the lending institution will approve the loan. Traditional loans come in a variety of forms, including mortgages, home equity loans, vehicle loans, and personal loans. While applying for private loans is typically not difficult, they can be more unfavorable and expensive for borrowers due to the increased risk. Traditional loan lenders will examine the borrower’s entire financial situation. Their evaluation may include information about the borrower’s income, current debts to other lenders, the credit score, cash reserves, etc.

These traditional lending institutions go through this lengthy and exhaustive process in order to assess the risk involved when financing individuals. Traditional loan lenders offer much better rates and generally more reasonably priced financing for borrowers with good credit standing.

Hard Money Loans New York

With hard money loans, lenders approve the borrower’s loan based on the property’s value.

These hard money loan lenders may still conduct a cursory check on the borrower’s finances or credit history, but this process is generally less stringent than that of traditional lenders. This speeds up the entire process, allowing borrowers to receive their applied hard money loans in just a few days, in contrast to weeks or months with traditional loans.

One disadvantage of this type of loan is that the lender bears a disproportionately greater risk. This can result in the borrower paying a higher interest rate. Hard money loans New York typically carry significantly higher interest rates, and the private lender may often need higher than usual down payments.

Payment terms for hard money loans New York are usually specified. The repayment period may be as little as a few years in comparison to traditional mortgages, which typically last between 15 and 30 years.

Common Reasons to Avail for Hard Money Loans New York

There are a variety of common reasons why people avail of hard money loans. And these may include the following:

House Flipping

Real estate investors will occasionally purchase low-cost properties that require minor repairs, value-adding renovations, and repairs in order to benefit from it. They can use hard money loans New York to flip homes or buildings for a profit. Because these projects have a quick turn-around time, real estate investors who flip houses typically opt for a faster financing option like hard money loans. Additionally, real estate experts are committed to selling the home in a timely manner. This is commonly the primary reason they do not require long-term financing due to their rapid return on investment.

Investing In Real Estate

 Individuals interested in investing in rental property but who do not qualify for conventional financing may use hard money loans New York to recoup their investments. This scheme may be advantageous for people who have difficulty obtaining loans from traditional lenders due to low credit scores or for those who require more money than what traditional loans can provide.

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

Furthermore, business owners may use hard money loans New York to acquire commercial properties if they are unable to obtain financing from traditional lenders. Hard money loans in New York are advantageous for business owners purchasing properties that do not qualify for conventional commercial loans.

 Hard Money Loans New York: Rates

Take into consideration that hard money loans can be quite costly. In recent years, the interest rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has been around 3.6 percent for traditional financing institutions. By comparison, hard money loans New York carry significantly higher interest rates. This is usually between 8% and 15%. The interest rate for hard money loans may also be contingent on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio preferred by the hard money loans lender.


Hard money loans New York can be advantageous for those in need of financing but unable to obtain through traditional channels. However, because this commonly entails high risks and rates, it can still be argued that it is best left to the professionals.

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