From Steve Jobs To Jeff Bezos: The Book ‘Thank You For Disrupting’ Examines The Philosophies Of The World’s Great Entrepreneurs



From Steve Jobs To Jeff Bezos: The Book 'Thank You For Disrupting' Examines The Philosophies Of The World's Great Entrepreneurs
From Steve Jobs To Jeff Bezos: The Book ‘Thank You For Disrupting’ Examines The Philosophies Of The World’s Great Entrepreneurs

Thank You For Disrupting examines 20 of the most significant business leaders of our time including Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington and more.

In his book, TBWA Worldwide Chairman and celebrated global advertising veteran, author Jean-Marie Dru, a disruptor himself who coined the term decades ago, explains the impact these leaders from across the globe have had on their companies and their immense influence on the business world as a whole. He focuses not on their many great achievements but rather on how these most disruptive business builders have changed the way the business world operates.

“To construct our collective future — for each of us, for the companies we work for, and for the world we live in — we will need disruption, every day and everywhere,” said Dru. “This is why I wanted to celebrate the remarkable men and women who are paving this path for us. It is encouraging to know that behind these great leaders, there are great companies. And that inside them, there is a real desire to transform things. I hope these lessons from today’s most influential business leaders and thinkers will continue to inspire others to liberate the creative potential within them and unleash their own disruptive thinking for generations to come.”

Thank You For Disrupting illustrates how the vision of a disruptive innovator can reach far beyond his or her company and encourages and inspires readers to become disruptors in their own businesses.

The Author

Chairman of TBWA Worldwide, Jean-Marie Dru is a renowned global advertising veteran and bestselling author of six previous business books. In the early 1990s, he was the first person to use the term “Disruption” in a business context, giving the word a positive meaning. In its simplest form, Disruption is a catalyst for creative thinking and ideas that change the marketplace, creating business-building ideas for brands, companies and industries by upturning and challenging the conventions of that business and finding room to grow in the market.

Dru began his career in advertising in 1971. In 1984, he co-founded BDDP, which was acquired by Omnicom and merged with TBWA in 1998. He was named CEO of TBWA in January 2001 and Chairman in 2008. He has previously published Le Saut Créatif, Disruption, How Disruption Brought Order, Beyond Disruption, Jet Lag, and The Ways to New. Dru is also President of UNICEF France and President of the French Academy of Medicine Foundation.

Thank you for disrupting





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