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Data Warehousing: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

It is the ability to collect and use data that will help drive and shape business strategies, campaigns, and decisions. In fact, a recent study estimated that there are billions upon billions (upon billions) of data generated every single day! This stat is only set to rise over the next couple years thanks to the further evolvement of technology too.

Data Warehousing: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

But with so much data being captured, this brings us to an important point on how it is being stored. While collecting data is great, the key to ensuring it will help you are mastering data organization.  This means that you have the right tools and software in place to keep up to speed with the enormous amounts of data that is flooding in and ensure that your company can make the most of it all.

With the evolvement of AI, data warehousing and organization is no longer a manual gig. In fact, it can all pretty much be generated automatically and minimize the role that humans have to play to get the right type of data sets in the end.

When you are able to fully tap into the capabilities of data organization, you will be able to easily collect, sort, and generate data sets that directly align and support all your visions and goals. They become a great baseline for your business going forward—especially because your whole organization will be able to access and use your company’s data!

It is essential that you get up to speed with the latest trends and evolvements of data warehouses and data organizations. This is why we have rounded up all there is to know, what it is and how you can now ensure you are making the most of your data and safeguarding it well into the future.

What is Data Warehousing?

You have probably heard this term being thrown around quite a bit, but do you know what it really means? The name has a literal meaning—as it is essentially a software tool that is able to store data you collect in a cloud database.

When you set up your data warehousing correctly, it will not only be stored securely, but is able to be cataloged in a way that makes it super simple for nearly anyone to find and access.

Thank goodness for data warehousing, really. With an incredible amount of metadata out there, the last thing you want to do is get bogged down trying to manually find it yourself. Instead, you will be able to find it in a couple of quick seconds! 

Plus, the best tools for data warehousing ensure that anyone can use it—including those in your organization who may not be technology experts. This also means that your marketing department or sales teams can access essential data sets for their own business purposes without having to take time away from your IT team who are busy implementing other tasks.

Why Do You Need Data Warehousing?

So why exactly do you need data warehousing? In addition to it simply making life so much easier for you, we have rounded up all the proven results that other organizations have experienced when they utilize all that data warehousing can offer them.

1. Maximize Efficiency

Time is money. So when it comes to ensuring that your organization is maximizing the efforts of their time while on the job, data warehousing can really have a positive impact on streamlining your operations.

When your team is able to make the most of their daily hours and get tasks done better and more efficiently, then your business is going to become way more streamlined. Data warehousing provides an easy-to-use tool that lets each and every member of your team get the type of data they need with minimal effort or help provided.

This is because the data warehousing tools basically do it all themselves! They use artificial intelligence and automation to tag and sort data on your behalf, often also predicting what data sets you will need to be generated. 

2. Secure Data Safely

There are more and more laws coming out around data privacy. So you do not want to ever put your company in a situation where you risk the data you have collected getting breached or stolen—and you ultimately being liable for it.

Data warehousing tools provide you with an extremely secure way to store your data while keeping it easily accessible to your internal team. This just means you have one less thing to worry about and can have the reassurance that your data is in safe hands.

3. Supports Decision Making

Ultimately, data sets can drive important decision-making processes and develop strategies for success. Data warehousing lets your company rely on data for this whenever it is needed.

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