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B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks

B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks

While the need for all sorts of outdoor advertising is increasing, execution is key when it comes to developing a successful outdoor campaign. Here are three out-of-home marketing risks and how to prevent them. B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks :

Purchasing media directly

B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks

B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks

Accessibility is one of the most significant hurdles to purchasing media. You may wish to purchase billboards but are unsure how to contact the media. You should spend some time navigating the learning curve first unless you’re an expert with an experience in the out of home advertising industry or have the means to work with a huge agency.

The lack of disclosure in the out-of-home market is a challenge for many media buyers when it comes to getting started with this channel. Despite the advantages of reaching customers in their natural environments, out-of-home advertising has long been out of grasp for budget-conscious marketers.

However, with the growth of marketplace-style third parties bringing new, technological possibilities to billboards, bus stops, rail stations, shops, taxis, and other digital environments, this might change.

Working with a third-party platform that delivers out-of-home advertising solutions is usually more viable and less expensive than working directly with the media owner to make a purchase. Moreover, you can even reduce the amount of time you spend acquiring goods and preparing campaigns if you decide not to purchase media directly.

Disregarding the digital first value proposition of OOH

The distinction between customers’ online and offline identities is becoming increasingly blurred. With the increasing use of mobile phones, people from all around the world can be reached by a unique identification. Measurability can have an impact on marketing success. Some advertisers consider digital media to be targeted and instinctive, however, there is a lot of waste in terms of media and income, and the reach can be unpredictable. A billboard, on the other hand, will always be there. Any platform has the potential to be made available via a digital partner.

You may think of out of home as an extension of your main digital strategy, whether you’re running a campaign on a digital or static billboard, meaning you could compare the success of an outdoor ad to the performance of other digital channels such as social media and video. You must not overlook OOH’s digital first-value proposition as it increases the accuracy and reach of digital media into the real world, which is beneficial as businesses can develop a more accurate lifetime value model as a result.

B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks

B-OOH-HOO: Avoid these 4 outdoor advertising risks

Overlooking design

Though you can spend a lot of time developing an integrated campaign and strategically identifying places for yourOOH media, it will all be for nothing if you can’t execute an appealing and compelling design. To effectively engage motorists, each ad must be well-proportioned and planned properly, as you may only have a brief window of opportunity to engage the target demographic.

However, regardless of its location or position in your marketing campaign, it is critical to critically assess the design of each individual ad.

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