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A Profile of Fahad Al Rajaan

A Profile of Fahad Al Rajaan

Fahad Al Rajaan has been named as one of the top 500 most influential Arabs in the world.

Chairman of Al Ahli United Bank

Until 2015, Mr Al Rajaan was Chairman of Al Ahli United Bank, Bahrain’s largest lender by market with operations in Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, and the United Kingdom.

Fahad Al Rajaan

Al Ahli United Bank specialises in investment advisory services and commercial banking for corporate clients. It offers retail, wealth management, treasury, offshore, and private banking services to select clientele.

Director General of the PIFSS

Mr Al Rajaan was appointed Director General of the Kuwaiti PIFSS in 1984. The PIFSS, or Public Institute for Social Security, implements Kuwait’s social security system.

The Wafra Investment Advisory Group was established in New York to deal with PIFSS investments. Mr Al Rajaan presided over Wafra Investment Advisory Group as Chairman.

Kuwait’s Social Security Institute is widely recognised as implementing one of the most beneficial and comprehensive social welfare systems in the developed world. It works on the principle of distributing wealth generated through the country’s oil industry throughout Kuwaiti society.

Kuwait’s economic success is largely based on its oil reserves. The country benefits from democracy; low levels of debt: a formal constitution; and a relatively small population. Kuwait’s current pension scheme is internationally considered as one of the most generous in the Western world.

Other Corporate Experience

In addition to his work with the PIFSS, Al Ahli United Bank and Wafra Investment Advisory Group, Mr Al Rajaan has presided as board member and Chairman of several leading financial organisations.

Mr Al Rajaan began his career at the Kuwait Investment Company, gaining employment as a Manager soon after leaving university. The organisation effectively developed Kuwait’s economy, setting the standard for responsible, effective investment in the country since 1961.

He was appointed the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium’s Chairman and Managing Director in 1981. The organisation manages its own portfolio of investments, as well as investing in new businesses and overseeing ventures for corporate and private investors.

Personal Life and Interests

Mr Al Rajaan has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which he gained in 1974, graduating from the American University of Washington DC.

Fahad Al Rajaan is a keen amateur golfer. In 2013, he participated in the 21st edition of the Dubai Duty Free Golf Cup event, which was staged at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. Mr Al Rajaan acquired 42 stableford points, winning the championship with a one-shot victory.

Fahad Al Rajaan is married. He has two daughters and two sons.

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