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5 Key Online Tools for Real Estate Agents

Web-based software tools make it much easier to impress clients and keep customers happy when working in real estate.

Agents have an amazing amount of choice available to them, so you need to scope out the most suitable solutions that are also within budget.

With that in mind, here is a line-up of programs and platforms that will give real estate specialists a helping hand in a range of scenarios.

Social media marketing tools

Making the most of your social media channels to connect with clients and market your properties is important. Luckily it is possible to do this more effectively if you have the right software in your toolkit.

First you can turn to all-encompassing management platforms like Sprout Social and Hootsuite to do things like scheduling posts to go live on different sites and apps at the perfect time, as well as providing analytical insights into how well your content is performing.

Then you can make use of media creation tools like Canva to conjure up good-looking, professional content which is eminently sharable.

Lastly, with a solid CRM at your disposal, such as Zoho or Salesforce, your social media interactions can be combined with your other customer relationship management responsibilities more easily.

Commission calculators

A commission calculator for real estate agents is the best way to make an accurate assessment of how much money you will generate from a given property deal.

You can extrapolate commission earnings from the sales price of a home as a percentage, and also see what you will be left with after your brokerage has taken a cut, along with a host of other variables.

Being attuned to commission fees is the best way to ensure you receive a consistent income, and that you focus on the transactions that are likely to make you the most cash.

Scheduling tools

Most people who work in real estate have busy schedules, with lots of appointments to keep throughout the course of the average day.

Because of this, it is necessary to use the right software to organize your meetings, house viewings, conference calls and client get-togethers.

If you want to keep costs to a minimum, Google Calendar is a fully-featured, free option. It is also best if you are already a firm fan of Google’s other services, such as Drive for cloud storage and Gmail for email. Equivalents are available from Microsoft and Apple, so even if your allegiances lie elsewhere, top scheduling tools are within reach.

Communication tools

Contacting clients and keeping colleagues in the loop is a breeze so long as you have the right communication tools at your disposal.

For real estate, discrete instant messaging solutions like Slack can serve teams of agents well. Video calling services like Zoom and Skype are also worth investigating, especially if you conduct a lot of client meetings remotely.

It is also worth thinking about how communication can be used for marketing purposes. For example, email marketing campaigns run via platforms like MailChip are efficient and effective, with automation empowering realtors.

Virtual tour tools

Having pictures and video of a property available can help secure a sale without the need for an in-person viewing. However, you can take things even further with the help of software that creates virtual, three dimensional, interactive tours.

Platforms like Matterport have revolutionized real estate sales in recent years, and in most cases all you need is a smartphone to capture the necessary data, rather than having to hire out specialist equipment.

Lastly, the great thing about software tools like these is that they allow you to run a real estate business efficiently and inexpensively, without making compromises.


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