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3 Unusual Ways Hobby Farmers Can Make a Profit

3 Unusual Ways Hobby Farmers Can Make a Profit

If you thought those zucchinis your neighbor is growing are for personal use only, think again. It’s easier than ever for a small hobby farm to make a bit of extra money these days as the consumers value short-traveled and organic produce. Sitting on a large piece of land or even just a small vegetable garden without taking advantage of it is kind of like owning an extra apartment in the city center without renting it out on Airbnb. It’s unheard of.

Here is a neat list of how you can step it up and make an income from your hobby farm, regardless of its size and easy enough for anyone to pull off.

#1 Raise something niche

When you really want to put a sulky look on the face of your zucchini-growing neighbor, you should research the local market to see if there is a demand for something especially niche. This may be tailored to meet dietary needs which the local area have yet to invest in, such as duck eggs or gourmet (medicinal) mushrooms. You’ll be able to make a bit of income without spending too much time or space on it.

Farm with snails, for example, worms you can sell as bait to fishers or even a type of fish that the local market is basically unaware of. They won’t be able to find it anywhere but on your farm, so make sure you spread the word and reach out to chefs who you can sell directly to.

#2 Open your barn up

Farm charm is all the rage lately, and travelers would love to pay yours a visit if you open it up and advertise it enough. There’s actually an endless amount of opportunities for what you can do, though, so consider what kind of options would work best for you and don’t just take our word for it.

Bed & breakfast is a solid choice, for example, as well as allowing people in your area to make use of it for meetings or gatherings. People are always in need of hay storage buildings, so if you have a lot of space, you can easily make money without lifting as much as a finger.

Farm-to-table dinners are also very popular for city people who are passing though – but make sure you read up on the regulations around this as you may need to obtain permits and meet other requirements first. Get some inspiration from Campo di Bella first, if you’re considering this option, and learn how you can host these dinners off-site.

#3 Turn it into a tourist campsite

A sure way to make some extra money is to rent it out to campers – as long as you don’t mind people, that is. You can rent it out as anything you’d like if you have a lot of space, though, and it’s a good idea to research the market first to find a gap. What about allowing avid metal detecting clubs to rummage your land in the weekends? At least they won’t stay the night.

Selling the crops you produce is the most obvious way to make money from your hobby farm – once you have this covered, you’re left with an endless list of money-making options.

Take advantage of it and enjoy the freedom a small hobby farm gives you, making it so much easier to make an extra income.

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