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3 Reasons You Need to Improve Your Online Presence

3 Reasons You Need to Improve Your Online Presence

We live in an era that relies heavily on technology. As a result, digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing in nearly every industry. More than ever, it’s imperative that businesses have a strong online presence – all your customers are there! If you’re not up to speed as of yet, and still need a bit more convincing, here are three reasons you need to improve your online presence!

1. It’s Affordable!

Just because you’re not a “Fortune 500” company (yet), doesn’t mean you skimp on marketing. Marketing is what will reel you in more potential clients, and/or customers! If you’ve already allotted this quarter’s budget into other things, blogging, infographics, SEO, and social media are low to no cost options. Adding a “blog” section on your company website is easy, especially if you’re using a WordPress-based website. Once it’s setup, you should aim for your blog posts to be entertaining yet informative, and share-worthy. Need tips on how to promote your blog posts? EZSiteBuilders lists 42 helpful online tools you can use.

You can also get some extra help with your website by checking educational websites dedicated specifically for web beginners where we aimed to show them how to start, run and grow their online presence by creating a blog, through various in-depth online guides with PDFs, WordPress video tutorials and other helpful blogging resources.

Additionally, setting up various social media apps is also FREE! Making sure that your business has a Twitter page, a Facebook business page, Instagram profile, etc. is all essential to your digital marketing efforts. If you already have the content you’re creating for your blog, you have enough content to share across your profiles.

2. Your Competition Is Already Doing It.

Never let your competition get too far ahead of you.

If you’re competitors are already flourishing online, you’ll want to get a foothold in cyberspace as well. The sooner, the better. For a business to succeed, it needs to corner its own share of the market. And ignoring platforms like social media or other digital touchpoints is a disservice to you. By the time you do decide to start that Twitter page, or get active on your Instagram profile, you might’ve already lost a potential customer to your competition.

Curating, and/or creating unique content, again, comes into play.

3. Customer Loyalty is Easier to Secure Online

As an entrepreneur, you want your customers to be loyal, and keep coming back! A strong online presence makes this task much easier, and more intuitive. How, you ask? By keeping a strong online presence, your business opens itself up to consistent communication, and regular interactions with customers. Any information they could possibly want, and/or need regarding your products, or services, is easily accessible.

Your online presence becomes a constant channel between you, and them – and all done with a tap of a screen, or a keyboard.

As you can see, boosting your online presence should be the first course of action for businesses that want to succeed in this day, and age. One will find the old rules of marketing will still apply, but only this time, the World Wide Web is our businesses’ playing field. Be ready to play!

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Hernaldo Turrillo
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