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10 Considerations to Make When Choosing Freight Broker Software

Freight brokerage is once again a thriving sector, with demand for logistics services at an all-time high. However, the industry has always been very competitive, and the operators who can stay on top are generally the ones that can decrease their expenses the greatest while keeping a high-quality standard. Investing in solid freight brokerage software (also known as a transportation management system or TMS) is one of the wisest steps a freight broker can take toward attaining these objectives.

There are many freight broker software to pick from, but no matter which one you choose, the following considerations should be considered before deciding on a platform to deal with.

Does the vendor offer a free trial

Many software firms provide a free trial period during which you may test the program’s functionality and ease of connection with the current IT infrastructure. 

Capabilities for invoicing

Every business needs the ability to generate invoices. Many software applications allow you to create customized invoices and send invoices. They also keep old invoices and maintain a library of historical invoices. In many situations, these features may be integrated with accounting software. The accounting department may use these features to mark paid bills, produce receipts, and track outstanding invoices. Invoice features boost efficiency, leading to better customer service and more profits. 

The vendor’s dependability

The first thing you should check for in a TMS is the stability of its developer/provider. Even if you’ve heard of the firm previously, it’s always a good idea to obtain recommendations and verify references. It would help if you also looked at the firm’s financial health. It may need some upfront work, but it is well worth it to prevent having the TMS firm you picked fail once you have deployed it in your freight brokerage.

Compatibility with business requirements

Regardless of how solid a TMS business is, it is also critical to ensure that it is consistent with the requirements of your freight brokerage organization. For example, a well-known company may fulfill the stability test, but their product may be far too complex for the needs of a small brokerage. Before comparing solutions, conduct a requirements assessment to determine which TMS is best for your company. 

Levels of service

Many software developers are extremely hands-on and attentive throughout the sales process, only to vanish without a trace when the product is acquired and deployed. You should seek a firm that has a track record of providing excellent service and after-sales assistance. During the choosing process, ask as many questions as possible, such as if they provide training and convenient support hours. Also, request and verify references. 

Relationships with carrier

Adopting a Transportation Management System will make your life easier. One important method in which your TMS may help you achieve this aim is by managing your carrier connections. A good software solution can help you manage your carrier contracts and maintain track of essential contract data. It may also assist you in determining which carrier is ideal for each cargo and calculating costs, so you know how much to charge. 

Ease of generating quotes

Freight forwarder software can be beneficial. It simplifies the quoting process, allowing you to create the quotations you need to win new business without overburdening your team or spending more money on quoting than you may get back. 

Is the solution customizable

Some freight forwarder software is ready to use straight away. For some businesses, the features provided by a conventional software program may suffice, but for many, the software must be customized to fit their operations. Many software vendors provide varying levels of software customization, ranging from low-cost programs with a few changeable components to very complicated systems that may be literally constructed to customer specifications. 

Analyses of profit and loss

Freight forwarding is a complicated and competitive industry. Properly evaluating the profitability of individual orders and operations as a whole may often mean the difference between a lucrative and developing firm and one on the verge of going bankrupt. Freight forwarder software programs may give managers a bird’s-eye perspective of the firm and drill down on specific aspects of it. 

Tracking of deliveries

Finally, and maybe most importantly, a strong TMS should allow you to track your freight brokerage shipments in real-time, down to the smallest detail regarding in-transit products. This will enable you to keep your consumers better informed and, as a result, happier. Finally, the best system will give insight into truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), and package transportation details.


In today’s modern environment, development in any organization is only possible if the right computer software is employed.

Choosing the best TMS software system boils down to expecting more than a “good enough” solution. Your system must be capable of supporting and expanding on your particular processes and methods, regardless of how they grow.

Hernaldo Turrillo
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