Seahawks glad football’s not their problem

The Seattle Seahawks players continue to hear questions about the inflated football controversy, and for the most part, they either laugh it off and just don’t care.

The Seahawks defensive tackle Kevin Williams said “We haven’t talked about it – you’ve still got to tackle, got to cover and rush the quarterback. It doesn’t matter how much air is in the ball.”

However, Williams thinks it is an issue for the Patriots.  “It’s definitely a distraction for them – all the media is talking about it right now. I’m glad it’s their problem and not ours.”

Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks middle linebacker, commented that it wouldn’t change his play one way or the other.  “I don’t care, they (the ball) can be flat or be pumped up. Someone has to hand them off and someone has to catch them. I’m the guy who has to tackle them, so put as much air as you want in them.”

Wagner said.  “I don’t know what’s unfair – at the end of the day, what can we do now? It’s all in the past.” 

Wagner continued, “It’s not like we’re going to go and say, ‘Replay the game.’ ‘Disqualify them’. They’re here and we’re going to have to play them and we’ve got to take advantage of all of our advantages.”