Ray Rice battles back from depression

Ray Rice, a free agent since November 2014, is looking for a second chance in the NFL.  Rice had his suspension overturned but whether anyone signs him remains to be seen.

In a recent Q&A interview with the Baltimore Sun Rice commented that he is feeling great after three good years.  “This year off was probably a blessing in disguise – I have taken this year as an injury year – except it wasn’t my body.  I was mentally hurt.”

But Rice’s answers aren’t all sunshine and optimism. He told Wilson at one point, while dealing with the outcry against him when videotape emerged of him striking his wife, he felt like life “wasn’t worth living.”

“Honestly, I almost felt like at one point that it wasn’t worth living. I see why people commit suicide. It hurt that bad,” Rice said. “I was low, real low. It hurt that bad because you worked your whole life to do all the right things and then you’re the world’s most hated person. It was tough. It was really tough. I got low to a place where I’ve never been.”

Rice praised his faith and family for helping him rise above the situation. He’s facing the ultimate second-chance scenario and would be willing to play for anyone. Including the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“It’s safe to say I would play for anybody right now,” Rice said when asked specifically about Pittsburgh. “I know Baltimore wouldn’t like it, but I would play for anybody right now.”