NFL Investigating Under-inflated Balls

The NFL’s investigation into the under-inflated footballs used in Tuesday night’s game is ongoing as 11 balls were not properly inflated.  The NFL began looking into the issue because doctoring footballs can provide a competitive advantage and compromise the integrity of the game.

The NFL’s executive vice president for football operations, Troy Vincent, said “An investigation is currently underway and we’re still awaiting findings.”  Vincent was responding to a report involving an anonymous league source saying 11 of the Patriots’ 12 allotted game footballs were under-inflated by 2 pounds per square inch of air.  Vincent confirmed he expected the probe to be concluded by the end of the week, “The last thing the NFL wants after a difficult season off the field is a potential cheating scandal that disrupts Super Bowl week.”

The Patriots continue to cooperate with the league and a Seahawks spokesman said they would defer to the league on the matter.

Social media sources quickly made their responses known with countless tweets demanding action and asking questions about the game’s result.

Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice tweeted “”11 of 12 balls under-inflated can anyone spell cheating!!! (hash) Just Saying”

“So we get to play the game again or nah???” Colts cornerback Darius Butler added.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick deferred questions about the investigation, saying reporters should ask league officials.  Belichick stated that he wasn’t aware there was an issue until Monday morning and promised to “cooperate fully with whatever the league wants us to, whatever questions they ask.”

Chuck Pagano, the Colts coach, stated he hadn’t noticed any issues with the footballs but didn’t specify whether the Colts had reported the issue to officials.

Watch this space.