Free Agent breaks record

Ndamukong Suh will become the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history.

On the rare occasion an top players gets to the open market, rather than re-signing, his deal has the potential to reset the market.

In Suh’s case that means a six-year, $114 million (including a $60 million guarantee clause) from the Miami Dolphins.

At his best, Suh is worthy of resetting the market – beating the eight-year, $108.8 million contract Houston Texans end J.J. Watt signed.

So, Suh is in position to accept an offer worth around $19 million a year — higher than all but a handful of NFL quarterbacks — at a position few would consider a core spot.

The economic climate bodes well for a raft of other free agents this year – DeMarco Murray, Julius Thomas, Jerry Hughes, Byron Maxwell, Devin McCourty and any number of other top free agents who may figure to cash in as well.

Suh was going to get his money – No agent worth his metal would take a penny less than the previous record-breaking deal.  All eyes now turn to the teams that can and have to spend, and how they’ll deploy their resources.