Dwight Freeney sues Bank of America.

Freeney’s legal team released the following statement on Tuesday… “In 2010, Dwight Freeney authorized Bank of America to manage his assets, including his NFL salary, two years later, Dwight had lost more than $20 million because of Bank of America’s fraud scheme.”

The former Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers defensive end is suing Bank of America, claiming that he was the target of a fraud scheme that he says was “aided and abetted” by the banking giant.

Jeffrey B. Isaacs commented, ”The entire scheme could not have happened without the substantial involvement and approval of Bank of America. It was a nightmare scenario: my client went to one of the nation’s biggest banks and asked for its help managing his finances. And what did the Bank do? they treated Dwight like a mark in a con-game.”

Bank of America has yet to comment about the lawsuit.